Sunday, February 17, 2019

Dreaming? Goal setting? Or manifesting?

When you feel you have nothing to live for. Many people start the dreaming, goal setting or manifesting will start. Try it, you will be astounded at where you can go.

Dreams, people anyalsis them all the time. You can buy books, have your dreams heard by a person with a gypsy look having an answer to your own problems.

Yes, we go to tarot card readers. We put our faith into the palm readers do we ever hold much attention into whether it is true. Whether it is our imagination or whether it will ever happen. Could we put it as a goal and strive for it. Or does our subconscious mind take these readings or half beliefs and turn them into our future.

Many of you will think it is all hogwash, we can't steer our subconscious minds. However with some belief where we go, with the action of believing in it. With concentrating, dreams will come true. Or the hell of the divorce be a reality.

Many of the tarot readers don't tell you the bad side, the tretchious start many of us have after an encounter.

Encounter into the future where you see ahead, where you are going. For many people this is not a possiblity. They walk around in circles, even driving a car and cant find a car park in a deserted car park at midnight. Lost.

How many people are lost, going in circles without realing getting anywhere.

We can manifest the future with some techniques. Putting the future in your mind that you want, that you deserve.

We are aiming for the skies, on the rocket ship flying at extreme speed everyday however with out a goal we are just lost in space.

Flying out of the universe and missing the major stops maybe our life or destination had plained.

Goal setting is so important, people forget as children that in our folklore or tradition we aim for presents as rewards for being good and goal setting. Santa, Easter Bunny, some even Thanks giving. These are all goals, much work has to be done to get to this far along the road.

To set your dreams as a reality, or a wish. Is the ability for you to work continuously no matter what in search of your goal.

For many people the goals are so important, they need space within their own relationships to get to the goal and then they look back and life wasn't what it turned out to be.

Goal setting, visualising, manifesturing, with mindfullness is an important journey to be shared together. To go as a team and be strong. Don't opt out on the first speed bump in life. You will never achieve anything!!!!!

The art to Act and Grow Rich, is taking the first step with a hand.

My name is Jennifer Stone, Welcome to my world. Join my facebook page to learn the art of manifesting, mindfulness, how to set a goal and achieve a goal. Or join my personal facebook to see my stories coming to life. You be the Judge.

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