Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Interviewing a Drug Dealer

The life of a drug dealer, the hotel room he lives in day and night just to sell the drugs. Who goes, who comes. Life. What are the police doing?

Many Drug dealers were out last night, I hit the streets to see who was about. Where were they dealing from.

Taking a drug user, it wasn't hard to ask for some stuff to see where it was being served tonight. It was raining heavy however the drugs were still in demand. We asked about in some of the fast food outlets, for some ice. Needing to score. The drug user his name Bill is just like you or me however he was shattered with his problems in his early 20's and lives now in the moment.

I have been working with drug users, however to get to the drug dealer was some art in undercover detective work. If I found the guy dealing in the hotel didn't the police know. I was wanting to know his secret how he was living in a room that no one saw him.

Bill and I was showing our money, no sellers. Then it was go there up the lane. In the fire exit and you will find Sammy he is dealing in the hotel room tonight. Right on the strip, yet the police know him. I knew him. Sammy was an old guy been on Darlinghurst Road for 35 years. He had a bad ticker yet the girls that would hang around this old guy just for a point or two. He was in heaven.

Bill just needed a point. We knocked on the door, Room 11? on Darlinghurst Road Hotel. The door opened by a blonde, DD Breasts, with a cigarette roll your own hanging off the lips where she was looking us up and down. This dealer knew me, it wasn't Sammy, well it was he was lying on the bed, with the girls surrounding him. The glass pipe lying beside him. He was living with anyone to hide from the police.

Sammy called the police his friends I had met him before. Sammy was doing life tough, dealing drugs having sex 24/7 however trapped in his own existence he couldn't leave the hotel otherwise he was nabbed by the police. He had a warrant out on him. Thou that didn't worry him in the hotel where the police didn't go.

Why didn't the police, go. He talked about the chief's and my chiefs have areas where we deal and no one can touch you. However I have some witch after me, making my life hell. I did drugs in her premises, she kicked me out by having the police drag me out. Now I'm in court, court, court. Life goes on.

Safe in the Hotel here, the police don't check the rooms, see pointing to the Blonde with the knockers she's an informant. A police informant. Valuable will get a drug bust today with the little dealers then we are safe. So you set up people so you can deal hiding behind being an informant. Is that right?

Is this how Sammy you have been dealing on the strip Darlinghurst Road for so long. Bill was using drugs from an early age, trying getting on and off the drugs. It wasn't until life got hard then the drugs were harder to leave behind. They became his way of life. However Bill was new to Kings Cross. He had gotten the door open to a drug den, why don't the police utilise these types of undercover operation.

Sammy is like many others living in a hotel cell, from morning to night. Moving room to room to hide from the police. Is this the life? In the Cross Fire, he can't get out. The drugs he uses himself blind him from reality. Next stop PRISON.

You do start to wonder if we are in the society, where the police are on the gear too?

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