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Do Mysterious Powers Protect Ancient Divine Treasures

Those mysterious powers continue to exists protecting the Ancient Divine Treasures, till they are extricated or released by chanting withdrawal ‘mantras.

In the month of May 2011 when first time world’s biggest mysterious ‘Ancient Divine Treasure’ of Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy was found in the Five under ground secret vaults of Sri Ananta Padmanabha Swami Temple in Tiruvananthapuram in the south Indian state of Kerala, India the land of mysteries and treasures once again drew the attention of world Archeologists and Historians and also alerted International Smugglers and criminals to see what is the worth of that ‘Ancient Divine Treasure’. The finding out this ‘Ancient Divine Treasure’ hidden in the five underground secrte vaults by the 16th century King Raja Marthanda Verma, also made the Indian Supreme Court to intervene into the matter, as the controversy erupted between the Travancore Devosam Trustees of the Temple and the government and others on the issue who has to own and control this Divine Treasure, as it contained highly valuable ancient gold ornaments, coins, jewellery, dimonds, and other dimond articles and weapons made with gold used in the festivals and services of the Lord Ananthapadmanabha Swami by the then King Marthanda Verma. The crucial point of the ‘Divine Teasure’ was, that the Gold ornaments, coins jewellary, and other articles were made with the Gold that was manufactured from, not the metallic Gold that is generally extracted from Gold mines of earth, but from the Gold manufactured with Bio-Chemical Metallurgy (‘parusavedi’) by the ancient Indian ‘Siddhapurushas’. So the Divine Treasure acquired special significance as the Gold found here can not be compared with the present day Gold existing in the world market. Qualitatively its worth is difficult to estimate as such gold do not exist anywhere. Therefore the Supreme Court of India seized the matter and massive special protection forces were deployed in and around the temple, and on the behest of the Supreme Court counting and assessments of the Treasure items, found in five secret vaults, is going on under the specially arranged CC camaras and special video coverage and protection inaccessible to anyone except to those specially appointed committee members of the Supreme Court of India.

But, the highly sensational aspect of this entire factual episode was about the mystery behind 6th Secret Vault or Chamber-B in the underground, that created a lot of enthusiasm around the world as several mysteries surrounded with this chamber. Because this 6th Secret vault is considered to be highly mysterious, sacred, risky and dangerous to unveil it, because the steel door of the Chamber-B is having two big Cobra portraits on it, and this door have no nuts, bolts or other latches. The door is fixed to the secret chamber with the ‘Asta Naga bandham’ Mantras by the then ‘siddha purashas’ (the persons who acquired certain divine powers) lived during the reign of King Marthandavarma of 16th century.

Whenever the Supreme Court appointed Committee members tried to go in front of the Chamber-B, many omens occurred and the Temple Trustees also protested before the Court for opening the Chamber-B as it is associated with the religious sentiments of the Hindus and could be catastrophic to the mankind. To quote a few instances, one of the committee member’s leg was broken and another member’s healthy mother died suddenly, another member of the committee lost his eye sight who is also a priest. Finally Mr.T.S.Sundra Rajan (a former Intelligence Officer) who was the Petitioner in Supreme Court responsible for bringing the Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy Divine Treasure into limelight suddenly died on 16th July 2011 just with mild fever, then many started believing that was all due to the effect of ‘Asta Naga bandham” protecting the 6th Secret Vault.

Then countrywide pro and anti discussions, debates were held on the mystery of Chamber-B for several months, and finally religious people have come to a conclusion that if any human attampts are made with man-made technology to open the mysterious Chamber-B other than by chanting highly sacred and powerful ‘Garuda Mantras’ by sacred ‘Sadhus’ or ‘Mantrikas’, catastrophes are likely to occour in and around the Temple premisis or through out the India or through out the world according to vedic astrologers of India, who also revealed their inability to open the door by chanting the secret ‘Garuda Mantra’. If ‘Garuda Mantra’ is chanted by any powerful ‘Sadhu’ or ‘Yogi’ or ‘Mantrika’ the door would get automatically opened and no human efforts are needed to open it in other way. But no body could find in India or elsewhere in the world such powerful ‘Siddhapurshas’ or ‘Yogis’ or ‘Mantrikas’ are existing, who are capable of executing highly sacred ‘Garuda mantra’.

Along with the pleadings and faiths of Religious people in the country and Temple Trustees, the Apex court also restrained itself from taking any hasty decision on opening of the 6th Secret Vault of the Temple taking into considereation several representations. Particularly the omens occurred and injuries faced by the Court Committee members confirmed the faiths of religious people that Chamber-B, is being protected by ‘Astha Naga Bandham’ or (‘Asta’ means ‘eight’ and ‘Naga’ means ‘Snakes’) power and as several omens occurred such as bomb blast in the Delhi High Court premises and firebroke out near the Sri Padmanabha Swamy temple causing massive damage to the nearby shops and houses the assumptions took several more new dimensions that the opening of mysterious ‘Chamber-B’ could release poisionous chemical fumes, or it could lead to some secret and mysterious place towards Indian Ocean 20 feet depth below towards ‘Naagaloka’ the place inside Indian Ocean where divine Serpentines lives protecting ‘Nectare” as per Hindu Mythology, or a mind-blowing treasure could be found inside the Chamber-B guarded by several Cobra species snakes or some other mysterious powers like ‘Bhetala’, ‘Pisacha’ or ‘Yaksha’ living inside could smash down the persons who tried to open the door that could cause disturbances to them leading to their enragement and doing harm to mankind. Usually anywhere in the world, where ever there are ‘treasure troves’ are found, we also find ‘cobras’ or other snakes guarding around such treasures. It is also said that, this Chamber could lead to the nearby Indian Ocean through a tunnel, as the sound of water flow is being heard through a small hole located side by the Chamber-B door. This undisputably revealed that the ‘Siddhapurushas’ or ‘Yogis’ or ‘Mantrikas’ of 16th Century had created a well organized mysterious protections particularly to this secret Chamber-B. The remaining five chambers A, C, D, E, F, doors were opened by the committee members, where the present ‘Ancient Divine Treasure’ was found.

The mystaries and power of Indian Vedic and Chemical Sciences and power of ‘Vedic Mantras’ may not be believed by the present day scientists living in other parts of the world. But I can quote one example which I read in an ancient book in a library, that some centuries ago in India one Scientist a descendent of ‘Vishwakarma’ (the Divine Sculptor) built a ‘Magnetic Fort’ called “Skandarati Kota” in which it was said that he had hidden several powerful disastrous weapons which were said to be more powerful than the present day nuclear weapons and a few mysterious flights to fly from one planet to another planet. The king of the region, tried on several occasions to intrude into the Fort by blasting the main door of the ‘Magnetic Fort’, but never succeeded in his attempts. Finally the king sent a beautiful women to lure the son of the Scientist who built the ‘Magnetic Fort’, to know the secret of opening the door of the Fort, by luring him with ‘sex’ and finally she succeeds in extracting the secret of opening the main door of the Fort. The son of the ‘Scientist’ revealed that the door of the ‘Magnetic Fort’ can be opened only by melting the door by burning a kind grass called ‘Aareka’ in front of the door. The king immediately gets the grass and keeps the ‘Aareka’ grass in front of the Fort’s main door and burnt it, without kowing how much quantity of grass has to be used to melt down the Fort's main door. So, unfortunately the entire fort gets ablazed, including the King’s Fort and his buildings and its surrounding areas up to several hundreds of kilometers gets smashed in the flames. But the Scientist flies away in his mysterious flight towards other part of the globe, which is said to be the present ‘European continent’. That was the mysterious power of the Indian Vedic scientists and ‘Siddha purushas’ whose mysterious divine scientific powers unfortunately are not passed on to the next generations therefore are not within the know-how of present day scientists. Sir C.P. Brown quoted in his books some such examples on ancient Indian scientific and spiritual powers.

Some past experiences, even before this Padmanabha Swamy Temple’s ‘Ancient Divine Treasure’ came to limelight in May 2011, shown that the persons whoever attempted to dig and plunder the Divine Treasures in Temples faced either mysterious deaths or some other catastrophies around them.

One such temple that draws our immediate attention with confirmed mysterious Treasure under it is, Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple at Ahobilam in Nallamala deep Forests in Kurnool district in the State of Andhra Pradesh. The stone scriptures and palm leaf scriptures reveals that underground den sealed with big stones just in front of Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy’s main Idol, is having a very big Golden and dimonds treasure hidden by South Indian King Sri Krishnadevaraya of 16th Century. It is confirmed by the Temple priests and also the age old people of the region.

Since four decades several attempts were made by several people to plunder this Treasuer, but who ever attempted so far faced mysterious deaths. One Archeology Professor, who tried to dig the surface stone of the Treasure in the Temple, died on the spot when some poisionous fumes have erupted from the side hole of the earth twenty years ago. Official records exist for this incident. Yet in another incident an Engineer who attempted deliberatly to break the surface stone of the Treasure failed in his attempt, and when going back from the Temple in his car, just a few yards away he died in accident by hitting his car to a tree. In one more incident ten years ago two young adventurous people tried to dig the Treasure just a few yards away from the actual spot of the Treasure in the Temple to evade any mysterious danger also could not escape from the danger and they were suddenly swarmed by thousands of Honey Bees and both of them died within few hours, even though the temple staff and villagers tried to save them by taking to hospital. Some people also say the former Chief Minister of State of Andhra Pradesh also got some secret survey done in and around the temple premisis to findout the Treasure, but for some mysterious reasons he withdrew from that task immediately. Subsequently no attempts were made by any one to dig the Treasure.

It is said that here in Ahobilam Lakshminarasimha Swamy temple some mysterious power is protecting the Treasure, so the Temple staff constructed a round wire fencing around the surface stone, considering it as sacred place not to be tread by anyone with feet. It is said that when the the Ghajani Mohamad and other Arabs invaded on India to plunder the vast opulances of the then Indian Kingdoms, the Kings used to hide the Treasures below the Temples or in dens to protect them from being plundered by enemy countries, by invoking certain powers like “Naga Bandham” or “Yuksha Bandham” or “Bhetala Bhandam” or “Shakinee Bandham” etc. Those invisible powers used to protect the Treasures, and it is believed that still such powers or other divine powers are protecting the Treasures in India. And those mysterious powers or ‘Bhandanams’ (ties) continue to exists protecting the treasures, till they are extricated or released by chanting withdrawing (like anti-dotes) ‘mantras. But, those Kings, Siddhapurushas, or Mantrikas all who are no more existing, without leaving any records of those withdrawl manthras to release or extricate such mysterious powers, is the greatest misfortune to this present generation. The scriptures around Sri Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple says that the Treasure can not be taken out now by any one, as still one more generation has to pass as per the dates mentioned in the Scripture.

Similarly in Vundavalli rock caves in Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh, there is a 15 feet single stone Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swami Statue which resembles Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swami of Tiruvananthapuram, where it is said there is a large Treasure inside the caves and it has also got a secret tunnel towards Temple of Panakala Lakshmi Narasimha Swami Temple which is located on a Passive Valcano in Mangaliri road in Guntur district Ten years ago, some Adventurists who entered into caves by not heeding the warnings of temple priests, have never turned back. Still throughout India even today the people with avarice to make big money, try to dig the ancient temples now and then, but they are never succeeding in their efforts, as they are facing several mysterious diseases or deaths during their misadventures.

So keeping the public sentiments and other historical mystery records in view, so far the sixth secret vault or chamber-B in the underground of the Sri Padmanabha Swami Temple is not yet touched by the experts committee, and it still remained as a mystary. Many learned and unlearned people in India still believe that Chamber-B, is confirmedly being protected by ‘Asta Naga Bandham’. But, so far there is no break through even among the exisiting Pundits, which ‘Naga i.e Serpentine, out of Eight Serpentines is protecting the 6th Secret Vault. The eight powerful ‘Nagas’ according to Indian mythology are 1) Anantha 2) Takshaki 3) Vasuki 4) Shankapala 5) Padma 6) Karkotaka 7) Krownda 8) Sesha. All these eight devine Serpentines are associated with Hindu Gods in one form or the other for different purposes. According to Hindu mythology all these invisible eight divine Serpentines or ‘Nagas’ bears the weight of this planet from eight cornors i.e. East, West, North, Sourth, North-East, South-East, North-West and South West. Each Serpentine has got its own power and passes some of their powers to “Siddhapurushas”, “yogis” and “Mantrikas” or “Tantrikas” who does prayers in austerity. Only those persons can execute “Nagabandham” or “Naagapasam” or can place other mysterious powers around the Treasures. And it is those who executed them can alone withdraw them, by using withdrawal mantras. But, in India or elsewhere in the world there is no such person who does know about ‘Garuda Mantra’ or invoking the power of ‘Garuda Astra’, i.e. the "Enarmous Eagle Power" considered to be divine and dilutes the power of "Nagabandham" or 'Naga Astra’ Therefore the mystry of the 6th Secret Vault of Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy still remained mysterious, even today, to resolve it spiritually. By dchaitanya.

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By Kumar Gajapathi on September 28, 2012 at 12:12 am

Excellent article Chaitanya. Its nice to see that people like you who are interested in our rich culture, value & heritage still exist. Whatever you mentioned here is quite accurate as I have read the same from other sources. Great going. Keep it up.

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By dchaitanya on October 01, 2012 at 02:19 am

Thank u Gajapathi for your compliments. India (the Jambu dweepam) has a lot of secrets embraced in it, which Indians themselves do not know.

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By Ram on March 08, 2013 at 08:11 am

Hi Chaitanya, Really good article. Not really surprised to know that our Ancestors were far more capable than us. Must be a reason as to why they didnt really make an effort to pass on the "Technology".

You mention that you read an ancient book which had some writings related to this, Could you please let us know the details about that book?

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By Tatiana88 on April 14, 2014 at 03:27 am

That is really fascinating pozycjonowanie stron

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By essays on August 20, 2015 at 03:56 am

Good article Chaitanya, Must be a reason as to why they didnt really make an effort to pass on the "Technology".anyway nice efforts , here am telling you the houseboat treasure , alleppey houseboat

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