Friday, February 22, 2019

The months of enchantment

Credit: Cielo Noriega
Lilacs in my garden

The wind is tossing the lilacs... this is May

The wind is tossing the lilacs

This is May... this is the month of enchantment

...and thus, from my gardens, come my stories... come the color bursts of tiny stars-like flowers; the exotic and strange fragrances wafting in the early morning air. It come, too, the hypnotic effect of arching stems swaying in the wind; the mysterious singing of the trees as gentle breezes rattle their leaves; and too, the intriguing housing complexes, underground roads and passages of all the species of miniature creatures who dwell in it...

.... and there's God in the midst of it all, and not so the apple tree as it is the flowering pear tree, and soft pink petals of the Cherry blossom trees. And there are also the themes, the symbols and archetypes; stories of magical beings and past lives, and childhood remembrances too. There's even an owl and a serpent like the embodiment of wisdom of that long forgotten Eden... although, of course, they're not real... Thankfully, no real serpent has yet been found here, and I'm hoping it never will... but thunder is still the voice of an angry god, and rain are his tears. And sometimes I am the Alice of Wonderland lost in the Neverland of Peterpan. Because, that's just how it is here in my gardens....

Sunshine, shade, fruits, flowers, leaves; myriads of petals, feathers, birds and buttercups… oh, and can I forget migration, courtship, nest building and egg laying? What a lovely suprise the Robins bestowed this week... a nest, amidst the branches of the Sally Holmes rose bush..

Spring... all of my senses are aroused. I love the feel in the air, the syrupy smell around the honeysuckle vine, the colors to behold and the sounds of the winds that from time to time come by just to remind me that this is where my heart lives...

Welcome, May!

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