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In the garden

by Cielo (writer), East o' the Sun and West o' the Moon, April 26, 2012

Credit: Cielo Noriega
Showers of petals in the garden

All around me speaks to my heart of a powerful Creator—God

It felt like summer this past weekend; high temperatures as we haven’t seen around here for this time of year since 1934—surely a record on these chilly mountains of ours. And gardening was truly a delight. Although I’d have to say, we worked like mastodon work horses from early morning to late evening cleaning, repainting the porch’s floors, planting and taking out old bushes that were originally planted in the wrong spot, dividing, mending and replacing all the sprinklers that had broke down over the winter—mud in my face and hair, mud in my hands and feet.

Are you like that too? Oh, I choose to do my gardening devoid of garden gloves and rather do so barefooted too—old garden boots forgotten… unless, of course, I’d really need to wear them.

And thus, I was right in my habitat; delightfully enjoying all the hard work. I never see working in the garden as ‘work’. Do you? To me it is more a deed of love rather that a task.

Hard work is the rule, though delightfulness is often discovered in the midst of it. And I had an epiphany while working—more like a reverie: A cottage set amongst tranquil, rolling hills; stillness enfolding the cottage garden; soul attuned to the silent hum in the heart of all life.

…that was, until my dreams and the sanctity of silence and stillness were shattered into thousands of tiny pieces by all the annoying barking that goes on in our neighbourhood. Argh Arrrggghhh smackalack-pooey-poeey!! Can you imagine Buddha finally reaching enlightenment through contemplation while sitting beneath a tree with his dogs? The silence of the mystics!

So everything is looking marvellous over here; with the freshly painted floors and new pastel linen on furnishings…

And the birds… oh the birds! It’s bird season for sure. The heavens are filled with songs and perfume. If you can sit down for just a moment and take a long, loving, look at your surroundings, you’ll be able to see the world in such different way. It is amazing to be able to observe our world with the senses rather than the intellect…. It is a passionate, emotional, even intuitive endeavor.

I’m so enjoying this time of year… I love spring. My whole soul rejoices in this new life that’s coming forth from the ground with such an unconquerable force and promises. All around me speaks to my heart of a powerful Creator—God of all heavens and earth. I am humbled by the deeds of His hand.

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