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Kids talk

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Inside we are all kids, and thus… I had this weird dream last night ‘bout three witches all wrapped up in black; broom-flying the skies of a certain city.

I had this weird dream last night ‘bout three witches all wrapped up in black; broom-flying the skies of a certain city. From where I was standing I could clearly see them happily talking amongst themselves, just the very same way you and I would talk if we ever happened to be walking side by side ‘long each other on any given road. Yup… just like that!

Does that have a meaning to you?—I wonder. I hope this doesn’t mean the witches have decided to pay me a visit, cause ya know, this is not Halloween, and we’re still far away from that wonderful time o’ year when everyone gets to wear their witch’s costume and the air carries within itself that certain trace of cinnamon and cardamom; ever so subtle and obscure at the same time; which, by the way, it’s the eternal scent of all witches. Bet ya didn’t know that one did ya?

And just in case you are wondering what on earth is I’m talking ‘bout, “cardamom”, or “Elettaria cardamomum”, it’s a perennial plant with large hairy leaves that bears cardamom pods and small white cluster-like flowers… ‘zactly like any other flower ‘cept for the mysterious-looking part; I should say!

Speaking of herbs… I have been planting my herbs: Arugula, Basil, Calendula and Catmint. Have you done any herb planting yet? And then, there’s the planting of new perennials. I want more delphiniums and foxgloves in my garden this year. I like tall spiky flowers, and my vision is to fill every bit of empty space in the garden with them type o’ flowers… so lovely they are!

When I was in NYC last week, I visited the Natural History Museum. My bestest favorite part of all was the “Birds of the World” section, where all the birds you can imagine (and beyond), are geographically distributed by countries of the world—something truly amazing and a must-see for sure.

I got to see most every species of owls there is and cannot begin to tell you how very excited I was to be able to look at those ‘mazing birds from such close distance; even if they were not real, or not any close to being alive anyways… a mind-blowing thing if ya ask me!

Ah, what I would do to see a ‘real’ owl in my garden—an owl perched in a given branch of a given tree on any given night! Just right there—in my very own garden! Wouldn’t that be grand! Yup, it would!

Don’t know exactly why, but I have a feeling maybe this new accent of lately has something to do with my recent trip to NYC! People there talk kinda funny ya know… I mean, they have this funny accent--not that I don’t have my very own special accent, mind you… I mean the “Penelope Cruz” type of an accent. Yup!

Ah yes, forget ‘bout getting’ the language straight. No matter how long I lived in this country (and I mean a whole chunk of a lifetime), I can’t still pronounce certain words. Words such as ‘butter’, and ‘bottle’, and I hope yous name ain’t “Myrtle”, cause I can’t pronounce that either. A bad-bad combination of words if you’d ask me—what with all those t’s and r’s rolling together in your tongue this way and that other way…

Am I confusing you yet? Goodness gracious, I hope not!

And then, here, in our valley, the sun has finally decided to come out. The large winged insects that live in trees and tall grasses are humming; the male of which are making this shrill sound that fascinates me… This can only mean one thing for sure: Summer is near!

Soon it’ll be so warm even the frogs will be sweating. Ain’t that wonderful? It surely sounds delectable to me!

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