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Ground Battle Maaunevours Mistaken by Media as Coup D'etat

The Ground Battle Maunevours of Indian Army were mistaken by the Indian Media as trial of Coup d'etat against the Democratically elected Indian government.

The belated allegations of Coup attempts by Indian Army in the second week of January this year to overthrow the democratically elected government of Dr.Manmohan Singh, as reported in a section of mainstream media, eventhough was able to create flutters among the nation, it is absolutely baseless and misunderstood news aired to create some senstation. The Indian Army’s unusual Ground Battle Maunevours and mission rehearsal exercises to create a realistic exigency enviornment for two Indian Army troop Brigades, to sustain and improve their advanced tactical engagement skills in case of emergencies exercises from Hissar and Agra Army bases towards New Delhi were misunderstood by the media, a Coup attempt to topple the democratic governement.

The rapid movements of the two Indian Army Brigades towards the Country Capital in the month of January was true, without the prior information to the Civilian authorities in the Union Government, but this is not required to the top authorities of Army Units when providing a high level of realism and to enforce accurate procedures to be followed that would be required in the actual operations can not revealed in advance to any one including the Army Units, but would be put in spontaneous alert within a fraction of minutes.

This news was not publicised by the said news paper when the movements were happening, but after a long delay, gearing it to the news of Army Chief V.K.Singh’s Date of Birth controversy with the Union Government that reached the Apex court as a major controversy between both, and later by linking it to the Army Chief’s statements of bribe offerings to him to purchase sub-standard trucks to the Indian Army and his statements of deficiencies of Indian Armed Forces.

The major misguidence created by such news was linking the Ground Battle Maunevours to the disputed statements and legal battle of the Indian Army Chief’s against the Union Government. In fact, the Indian Armed Forces were not in such a stooped positon to overthrow the democratically elected government because of some service related controversies existing between some officers of the Defense Forces and the Civilian authorities in the governement.

In fact to make a Coup attempt on the elected governments, as in small unstable African countries, it requires all in one support from the Naval and Air Forces personnel too, but in a larger democracies like India, it is really unmature to think of coup attempts against government, as all the other two branches of Defense Forces viz, Air Force and Navy have got their individual Chiefs for whom there are no special disputes with the Union governement. So, the allegged coup attempt to overthrow the Indian government is a news that shows its content unmaturity. By dchaitanya.

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2 comments on Ground Battle Maaunevours Mistaken by Media as Coup D'etat

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By Uttam Gill on April 06, 2012 at 05:57 am

Chaitanya certainly it is very very immature on part of the editor to publish a story without ascertaining the relaibility...Yes I agree with you they want to sensationalize...

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By dchaitanya on April 06, 2012 at 06:26 am

Thank u Uttam for your point. It is really unmindful on part of any one to think of Coup against India, the world's largest Democracy, in spite of having certain internal drawbacks in the system.

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