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I Want To Be Myself.......

by amity_007 (writer), Delhi, India, March 23, 2012

Its all about the "ME".. What people don't see, the part of someone's "ME" that is overshadowed by the pear pressure, the protocols imposed.......

The morning came again

and again I am still awake

still thinking scribbling this text...

still mulling over what's next?

Why I have ran out of options?

why everything seems so far away?

why i haven't figured out myself yet?

Still not able to find out the way...

Contemptions have started to spatter,

Inside my mind my soul,

People have started questioning, to blatter,

my achievements, aim, my life's goal..

Stil messed up, stil fighting the animosity inside,

Still trying to find the long lost pride

What happend to me? Where did i go wrong?

I was tough, I had made myself strong..

Then why I am feeling buried under these expectations of all,

stuck/bind in social hooks, these so called Social Protocols,

I am a free soul, I want to fly,

want to break free, touch this beautiful horizon, where earth's holding the sky,

rather I have been chained inside,

with people anticipating some drama, some show,

hoping I am gonna dance to their tunes

amuse them, appease them n take a bow..



But, no,

not now!

Not anymore!

I won't be someone's puppet for sure..

Tired of this burden,

sick of such preposterous life,

Now I am gonna rise up,

fight against al such ravelling tides..

Enough of imposing yourself on me,

enough of this path you want me to follow

I can't be the person you want me to be,

another one of the herd, with weary soul and feelings so hollow...

Don't try to mould me to the shape you desire

To bend me in the line of fire,

I don't want to live in such hypocrisy, such lies,

Want to see this beautiful world only through my eyes..

Let me chase my own dreams,

let me bear the consequences of my own deeds,

Let me be myself responsible for my all hopes, believes, all my needs..




.I don't want to live in regret,

don't want to be up again all night thinking,

but to enjoy the beautiful dawn

bringing a new day, a new hope every morning

I want to be happy looking myself in mirror,

not a dithered soul, worried, desolated, frown,

But to be proud, feel content

as at last I would be walking down on path I have choosen by my own..


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2 comments on I Want To Be Myself.......

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By Barbara MacDonald on March 24, 2012 at 09:03 am

This is the journey of life...finding what brings us passion, joy, and purpose...Listen to what your soul tells you is "right" for you...You have one life to live, I wish for you the courage to live it finding and knowing where your own personal path needs to take you...well written.

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By amity_007 on March 25, 2012 at 02:26 am

thanks Barbara :)

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