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As we celebrate Women's Day

by Chedvah (writer), Greater London-Harrow, March 07, 2012

"woman is an emblem of beauty; an enigma that harbors a myriad thoughts and emotions within the crucible of privacy...yet one cannot fathom how insipid the world would be without her"

International Women’s day!! Is here again...It’s all about celebrating girl power, women’s success and their profound longevity and accomplishments in various circumstances.

This year I realised that celebrating ‘womanity’ and being a woman encompasses more than applauding the put together business woman, the savvy Mum who manages to do her day job and still keep her family adrift, the ambitious woman leader and the women’s lib. I respect and applaud all the women that represent these institutions and these dynamics. However I feel that I should lend some credit to the other women; the women whose plights we read about or every so often see in a documentary on TV or hear of tales from friends of friends.

International Women’s day celebrates every woman and also in particular, the Woman out there who perhaps even her own society doesn’t know of her existence; but she will still wake up every morning to till and tether the land and craft so that her children can have an education better than the one she ever had or even never had, the woman who has been told that she will amount to nothing, perhaps her community has failed her due to her so called ‘shortcomings’ and with limited resources has still made it and continues to persevere, the woman in hunger and war ravaged areas who selflessly looks after those around her and fights for survival against the elements of the earth and those that have been created by humankind. The list goes on and on.

This day makes me realise that ‘women’ have one day in the year to be ‘glorified’ with as little fuss as possible, given this is not a bank or public holiday everywhere. This day gives us women a chance to celebrate our successes however minute we may think they are. But with commercialism trying to erode ‘womanity’ often stating in subtle ways ‘the ideal woman’ and its influences on the girl child, one continues to hope that the future for women is not tainted by the ideals of a few and that positive role models who more often than not are in short supply continue to prevail for the girl child in this day.

However, goes without saying and I am writing it that we women should continue to preserve virtues or traits that make us women, that perhaps to get around in this world doesn’t require a forcefulness, ‘selling out’ our sisters and disrespecting other women. Because in order to preserve and continue the future for women, we need to live and lead by example and continue to help those less fortunate than us, perhaps then International Women’s day won’t be just another day we tick off our calendar.

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