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"I have a Dream" - Observations From the Canine Race.

by wolviela (writer), Los Angeles, January 18, 2012

Credit: Monty Sloan
the art of getting communicating and getting along

A brief look at what humans can learn from animals.

Wolviela has crawled out of her den from the hibernation called Grad school. Library school if you must know :) It also helps that I got a source of inspiration to write something.

Yesterday was Martin Luther King’s Day, and unlike most of the general population I had to work, but it was sometime in the evening driving home that I had the most interesting thought and it solidifies that animals are smarter and more intelligent that human beings.

For about the last year I’ve been the parent of a sweet, but stubborn Shiba Inu. Every weekend before he was fully inoculated we faithfully went to puppy play time and got him socialized. From there he graduated to the little side of the dog park, and finally to the big dog park.

Those of you readers, who are dog lovers, will know there is some etiquette to the dog park, which most folks adhere to. However if you are not a dog lover, appreciate dogs, or your children’s want to live vicariously through the dog world, take them to the dog park. Observe what you see when you get there.

What I hope you will see is that all dogs, regardless what breed, size, age, color, all want to play and for the most part get along. Sure there are a few scuffles, but the dogs are quick to send the message if they are being bothered and the confrontation is short lived. You don’t see the dogs mistreating others because of what they are and after a few seconds of butt sniffing they realize they are the same. You will also see that the owners of these dogs also are living the Dream of Martin Luther King; all races, colors, creeds talking, sharing advice, and exchanging numbers. For just that hour of exercise, in that enclosed area, that dream comes alive. We think we are socializing our dogs, but in truth we are socializing ourselves as well.

After 40 some years we still aren’t where we could but it has been interesting to see that canine race has brought together the human race, even for a brief moment in time. Wouldn’t it be nice if the human race would bring together the human race, minus the fur, all the time?

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By Notumbus Bumbus on January 18, 2012 at 11:23 am

Except what fun would it be, minus the fur? :-)

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