Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Criminal In Me

Credit: LorelainW
The criminal inside

A forlorn soul, tied to earth by pain, inside he seeks to make life pay

Resisting impulses to do and to numb,

Trying my best just to overcome

The criminal in me

I'm not hard by glance, at first sight,

But only I can know the plight

Of the criminal in me

A forlorn soul, tied to earth by pain,

Inside he seeks to make life pay,

The criminal in me

How many times I asked to be free,

All in vain, no one can see

The criminal in me

Addictions to things both seen and not seen,

Leaving all behind to find those things

The criminal in me

I look for peace but yet I must be

Not controlled but living by

The criminal in me.

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