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Rise above the darkness and be the light of the world

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It is about Child abuse, human trafficking, drug trafficking, prostitution, domestic violence money laundering and our role as watch dogs and as custodian.

The palatial castle is defined by its splendor…And the man by his nature. Each castle and each man has its own story to tell. Pride and prejudices construct a lofty of visuals of each entity but once the edifice of their structure crumbles down with their own weight then we get to know the sobbing episodes of the man as well that of castle.

Gold is tested by fire and man by adverse conditions. The sordid affairs of many individuals perhaps never get the attention. They are the one who gets the environment where they are structured with the restricted vision of the world…They were doctored to perceive the world in a rigid frame. In most of the cases external influences are absolutely terminated and their confinement germinates a thought which they never through out their life question that whether it is right or wrong. Ladies and gentlemen the complexities of life we wish to know can be seen in dysfunctional families. When I say dysfunctional, it means the families where anarchy is ruling…where drug abuse is common… Where it is accepted they are born to live like this…where love and passion vanishes…Where child abuse strangulate the sane embryonic thought in the tender soul…Where women are abused…Where each individual loath each other…I am talking about such dysfunctional families. I am neither a crusader against various malice in the society and nor a mute bystander to watch. We all need to talk that’s how we organically build our society in a right way. We need to build our opinions. Amazing are our perceptions too. We so conveniently pass on the buck to street kids as they are the product of dysfunctional family. We have fixations. We have rigid mindset. For all the problems we have readymade answers. We have tailored made replies, response or act. Well done; we must pat our back or I say you scratch my back and I yours and we both go happy.

I ask you, is that the way we need to address our problem? Knowing well that things are deteriorating… knowing well those perpetrators of crime using our fixations to their benefit. And on knowing this, we still wish to carry on with our shallow perceptions, raise banters to pronounce verdict with so much fanfare and in a vocabulary which certainly makes me ponder and question the credibility of the verbosity. The basic instinct of sanity somehow pushed to background and the colored version of demonic belief insulates the mind of violators. So easily they conceive an idea of superiority and crown themselves as the only rightful owner and custodian of the belief to say what is right or wrong. You can see such people everywhere. Are they the only one culpable of stifling the basic sense of masses? That would be unfair if I say so.

We are living in a world where dirty money creating chaotic situation…When I say dirty money it means all ill gotten gains from the income generated by crime syndicates. I am not deviating from the core issue but trying to establish the lead from where and how corrosion in our society is taking place…the money earned through illicit means i.e. by drug trafficking, human trafficking, plagiarism , fake medicines, prostitution are put into our system through legitimized business deal. These entire operations are called money laundering. Do you know the ramification of this? My friends it is believed that Globally 5 trillion USD worth businesses is transacted in shady deals by organized crime syndicate. Poor people are vulnerable and also gullible to fall prey to lucid profit through such criminal activities and they are used… they get involved because easy money they earn. And in the bargain this vicious circle never ends. The problem remains unaddressed. One after another people fall victim to such crimes. Crime syndicates are using pliable officials to carry on with their nefarious activities. With this dirty money they are buying loyalties and in few cases they have acquired political powers. So my friend it is not easy to define why people are behaving abnormally. While going into the crux of the problem we need to analyze in depth for surgical action to weed out the stifling malice’s.

Remember we have countries where very starkly under the garb of judiciary they have given exemplary punishment(death penalty) to perpetrators of crime under the media glare; still crime is on increase in a big way in those countries. You know why? Small fries are made escape goats. You know how such countries deceive the world? They slaughter chicken to caution the monkeys….Monkeys are real unmasked criminals and enjoying political patronage; they are unchecked and unregulated and this in turn creating huge problem.

Money laundering is the most corrosive happening which is devaluing our lives. Now I am coming on to the issue which I started with. Look around whether he/she is rich or poor…just don’t go by their face value. No one question the probity of the people with mask. No one try to understand the sordid affair that how Vanessa was so easily lured by an agent and sent across the border with an assurance of handsome income but in the contrary she falls into the trap of prostitution racket and never comes back. My dear friends, organized crime syndicates are thickly into it. The street fights…gun battles…street domination by the goons…prostitution…child abuse…domestic violence are one way or another related to chaotic situation and these things are the surrogates of big crimes. Who is going to check? I narrated the issue in brief and its ramification I hope you would know now the problem is not so simple. It doesn’t mean that we be a sitting duck for anybody to take a pot shot. My friends you must understand that with emerging cyber world the Problem is acquiring new dimensions. In the borderless environment where there is no barbed wire, here no dog barks, no patrolling…we can’t hear the victim screaming. The crime is acquiring a nebulous form. In the absence of pacts, treaties and weak laws of particular countries the perpetrator of crimes unleashing their reign of terror.

We hear and understand the problem of any individual with the set perception that they are like this and they are criminals. We must understand that why they are like this. Who is going to address the problem? It is we my friend. Who is going to fight out? It is we. Who is going to be benefited if we weed out the problem at the very inception stage? It is we my friend. Persuasion, passion, patience, perseverance can only bring the desirable results…Our individual efforts needs to be translated into mass movement…I am the last person to believe a Chinese saying that”If you cannot beat them join them”…Just be vigilant in your neighborhood. I am a dreamer and think loudly…I may sound outlandish but my dear friends remember; we have kids, we have old people who protected us in their younger days…we have friends and we need to do for them. Small kind gestures would not let Tom to hold a gun and shoot somebody. No Vanessa would ever cross the border to fall into the trap of prostitution rackets. No Johnny would ever act as a courier of drug consignments. No Ricky would ever hit his wife. Create a situation of mutual respect, trust and prosperity. Never let anybody ever fall prey to criminal influence. Yes, poverty is also the main cause of crime but this not true that every poor man holds the gun. I cannot ignore too that they are more vulnerable…most susceptible to be allured into the crime.

Every dark street corner is not so dangerous there too an individual struggling… waiting for a hand to be pulled out of that darkness…And every illuminated place should not treated as safe…there also so called respectable gentry churning the system to decide next move …they are spin doctors of crime…The darkness and lights have colored our views and we have formed fixed perceptions…No darkness is as dark and no light is as illuminating as we perceive…Beyond the darkness and light somewhere humanity is breathing for its life…My friend RISE ABOVE THE DARKNESS AND BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

My purpose of sharing this video “Conspiracy Of Silence” to supplement my views that how this world is turning into…How the loyalties are bought by corrupt and powerful…There is a nexus which needs to be dismantled…We need to maintain our vigil… We need to RISE ABOVE THE DARKNESS AND BE THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD

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5 comments on Rise above the darkness and be the light of the world

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By Anastasia on December 15, 2011 at 05:45 pm

Child abuse angers and depresses me. If only we could rise above this dreadful darkness.

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By Uttam Gill on December 16, 2011 at 07:32 pm

Anastasia we all need to ...irony is efforts are not enough to contain this menace...Lot more needs to done…Thx for your comments

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By Betty B. on December 17, 2011 at 04:53 am

Its sad I was abused but God got me through it..

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By Uttam Gill on December 18, 2011 at 12:22 am

Betty I am so sorry to know this and understand your pains...

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By Betty B. on December 18, 2011 at 05:01 am

thank you Uttam so much

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