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Bran Power

by Marcy Lynne (writer), Southwest Florida, November 05, 2011

Bran muffins may not be the superstars of baked goods, but mine are gaining star status.

I make these bran muffins. They are, well... therapeutic... as well as quite delicious. I have tried various recipes over the years, beginning with a recipe that used regular bran flakes cereal as the main ingredient. They were nice muffins. But my current version, uses the kind of bran cereal that contains FOURTEEN grams of fiber per half cup serving. They are little sticks of dynamite in a box. I call the new resulting muffins my WMD's.

One day, back when I first started making these muffins, our air conditioning guy (who is also a friend of ours) happened to be here at the house doing some work, so I gave him a couple to take home. He called me two days later to tell me, in his quiet and slow deliberate voice, "Those muffins were not only delicious, they had an excellent result." (His exact words.) From that day forward, whenever we referred him to a new customer, or he ran into anyone who knows us he would regale them with tales of my very effective muffins. Strange but true. I guess you never know what someone will remember you for. Perhaps my epitaph should be "Her muffins were delicious and they had an excellent result."

Anyway, in keeping with the fall harvest season upon us, I have recently been adding pumpkin to my muffin recipe. Oh boy. More fiber.

So, I guess I just wanted to say....oops. Gotta go.

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By TonyBerkman on November 05, 2011 at 08:44 pm

haha...I think WMD would be ingenious for the brand name of your muffins. Let me know when they go on sale, please. The taste + result make them valuable, indeed.

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By Marcy Lynne on November 06, 2011 at 08:06 am

Thanks Tony. I'm afraid if I tried to market them, I'd have to get approval from the FDA!

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