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Your Life, Your Choice

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Sunshine, smiles and love!

At some point in your life, you are going to have to accept that YOU are responsible for the way your life looks.

I'm sitting at home watching mindless television and I can't seem to get these thoughts out of my head so I just decided to start writing. Sometimes I want to shake people and just get the world to understand that so much of our lives is in OUR control. That living a life of joy and happiness comes from YOUR soul. From YOUR heart. From YOUR choices. Nobody is just naturally happy or joyful. Like anything else, it takes work. Yes, life will absolutely throw you curveballs and life will absolutely make you question things some days but at the end of the day, your life is a gift and if you choose to live every single moment of your life with the wisdom that life is ON your side, you will start seeing the magic and miracles in everything and everyone.

Most people look at me as the girl that is always smiling and always looking at the bright side of things. All of that is absolutely correct. What is incorrect is the idea that I must not have any problems and that is why I am always in a good mood or always staying so positive. I have made the choice in my life to believe in my life. Every single time I have stressed and worried about something, it never ever helped the situation. It only brought me more stress which in turn brought me down and that ultimately brought about more problems. It always worked itself out in the end but it took a lot longer to see the blessings in what was going on and hindered me from moving on to the next blessing/lesson in my life. At some point in your life, you have to either choose to believe in yourself and your life or you will spend the rest of your days living in fear and with stress, worry and sadness. I know for myself, that I used to live like that and I got really tired, really quickly.

Any of us can choose to focus on all the things that “we” think are wrong with our lives but the only thing that distinguishes between what is “right” or “wrong” are our thoughts or perceptions. But haven’t you found in your own experiences, that sometimes, the most unexpected of things happened to be the some of the best blessings in your life? So, if that is the case, perhaps what we think we want isn’t always what we need. Maybe if we find ourselves upset or disappointed quite often, we can choose to let go of what our expectations are (as they don’t seem to be working for us anyway) and choose to loosen the reigns a bit in our lives and learn to go with the flow. I know for myself, that as soon as I stop putting all this pressure on myself for all the things I think I “should” be doing and just wake up every day doing what I love from the purity of my heart without any other intentions, suddenly everything that I was striving for before falls into my lap. Maybe because we push so hard and try to control it our way, that we leave no room for the universe to shower us with what is best for us. We are so busy with our blinders on going after what we think is right, that we miss out on all the things that actually might be even better for us.

I say all this because I just want to let you know that choosing to see the brighter side of life is absolutely a choice and absolutely one that is worth every single ounce of effort that goes into it. We expend so much energy choosing to be upset about certain things or doubtful or fearful or jealous or anxious or stressed (I’m tired just saying all of that), so why not just use that energy to choose better feeling thoughts. I know it’s hard to trust in your life sometimes when things don’t look like how you pictured it to be, but some of the greatest aspects of life are the beautiful surprises that come when you least expect it or show up in ways you never thought possible. So if you find yourself always thinking the worst about a situation or a person or even negative thoughts about yourself, stop where you are, close your eyes, and breathe in a new thought. Breathe in the idea that what is happening right now in your life is a blessing and a necessary step in the evolution of your soul. Breathe in the thought that you are being given a gift in that particular experience even if you can’t see it right now with your own eyes. We choose all the time to think the worst of a situation so just choose to think differently. It might seem a lot of work at first but so is anything that is the worth it. I kinda like to think we are.

(Alright, carry on. I'm going back to Dancing With The Stars.)

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