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The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis by Laura Day


Laura Day is an intuitive healer and writer out of New York City whose work on "psychic phenomenon" is within the realm of safe and religious neutral for those having psi experiences. Laura Day has written two books that are worth noting: The Circle and Welcome to Your Crisis. Whether you are religious, spiritual, devout, or secular atheist these are tools that will NOT tamper with your spiritual foundation.

Here are my reviews from my blog:

The Circle: How the Power of a Single Wish Can Change Your Life by Laura Day
Wishes Come True Because of YOU! One wish ... that is all you need ... to work your energy like a laser to make it come true. The Circle explains the phenomenon once considered magic or metaphysics. This is a book on what do you from the inside out to get out of your own way and recalibrate your system towards a chosen reality. When you subconcious and conscious mind blend together ... it creates the kind of focus you need to direct all your energy into the life you truly desire. No woo-woo, no wizardry, no magical thinking, just plain old intention, action, and healthy surrender.

Welcome to Your Crisis: How to Use the Power of Crisis to Create the Life You Want by Laura Day

Learn from one who has been there. Laura Day narrates her own journey out of a crisis ... first through the tragic loss of her mother at 14 ... and then the devastating divorce that left her life in tatters ... to its gifts of healing and intuitive ability and career as a writer and speaker. Laura Day has been there herself ... a crisis ... and the stakes have been high ... but she pulled herself out of it ... and now shares the tools that became her lifeline. Day addresses the unique response styles and how you can make them work for you in a crisis. Best of all she has set up a website for this specific book with resources and group support so you need not go through this alone. I first met Laura Day at a Circle workshop on the East Coast in 2002 and returned to her work when she published the Crisis. More than any other self-help book on the market, this is stunning in its brilliant simplicity. No New Age blame game, no woo-woo, no magical thinking. A great tool to have in a self-help tool kit that keeps you empowered with YOURSELF.

Day emphasizes the gift of a crisis because you cannot go back to the past. This is the best advice in the book. It is like an old episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation where Captain Jean-Luc Picard is given a chance to return to his youth and change destiny. Instead of having the trauma of a fight in a bar that lead to his receiving an artificial heart, Jean-Luc averts the disaster. Good? Not really because when he returns to the present he discovers that his life has been mediocre rather than stellar. In fact, he is a low-level ship mate who is not seen to have any leadership ability! The gift of his crisis was the development of impeccable judgment and calculated risk taking. Jean-Luc opts to go back and claim his sacred wound and returns again the Star Fleet legend and Captain of the Enterprise.

This old storyline depicts Laura Day's wisdom on why the rock bottom of a crisis can actually be starting point of a brand new life that outshines the old.

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