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Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

by Savattra (writer), San Francisco, April 04, 2007


Maybe the man who created should consider launching .... given the supposed Catholic Choquette's predilection for starting her own Six Sensory Reformation far more hedonistic than German theologian Martin Luther. She is bound for a cruise with John Holland who speaks to dead people... and for all her studies on religion at the University of Denver, Choquette never learned that Christian theology and doctrine forbids such associations. But then again, Sonia feels herself above the rules because she dropped out of Denver and the Sorbonne to get a fake Ph.D. herself from the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Either Sonia believes she too is a Holy Helper in the Spirit of Joan of Arc .... or she is unable to pass the standards in a credible institution and adheres to woo-woo beliefs to make herself feel valid. But as a practicing Catholic ... who am I to judge. So I say ... read the following review on Choquette's True Balance and YOU be YOUR OWN BEST JUDGE.

A telling sign of Choquette's judgment and character as a person (forget her psychic abilities for a moment): In her own autobiography she claims Christ taught her to be psychic. WOW ... the Apostle Paul doesn't even claim that in his New Testament letters. Maybe Sonia can tell us if the Lost Tomb of Jesus is real or not since she "was there in a past life". Reincarnation was part of very early Christian theology so maybe Choquette was Mary Magdalene herself!

Another clue: Choquette's own balance may not be quite right given her recommendation of The Avatar Course in her own book in her own writing. If this is true, her judgment is less than impeccable, and hence ... what kind of psychic readings is she really giving for $800 an hour?

True Balance by Sonia Choquette, Ph.D (Doctorate that isn't)

Easy to Follow Instructions to Get Centered: The benefits of this book are that these instructions on every chakra are easy to follow. Anyone could do them and in that, it achieve the author's goal of helping people get into balance. The explanations are clear and concise and the case stories illustrate the point well.

On the flip side, I agree with another reviewer's honest appraisal of this book. While I find it very useful for the most part in my life, I agree with two other commentators of the Pollyanna approach in this writer's tone. I've also wondered how true to life these case histories are because the theme seems to suggest that Choquette's guidance is a form of ultimate salvation towards one's dreams fully realized just like Moses was to the Israelites when he delivered out of Egypt and Pharaoh's bondage. Choquette seems to suggest that those who follow her instructions get their dreams and those who don't perish just like the heathens on the Tower of Babel.

For the most part, the resources in the back of this book with recommendatoins connected to each chakra are very valuable. But some of Sonia's selections don't seem as "safe" as others: Sai Baba (an Indian guru with controversial allegations of abuse on young followers), A Course in Miracles (written by a woman in New York City who was an agnostic Jew yet claims to channel the voice of Jesus Christ), Lynn Andrews (a plastic shaman who has been exposed for making all her books up), and The Avatar Course, Started by a former Scientology Mission holder--Harry Palmer. This recommendation to the Avatar Course is the one resource that had me step back from True Balance.

In a Petition to the office of Governor Jeb Bush of Florida by the Avatar Survivors League (now I have never done Avatar but felt that if something like this was sent to a Governor's office, it is worth mentioning for the purposes of consumer protection):

This Delaware corporation is registered as a for-profit enterprise selling a series of courses under the trademark "Avatar." The courses are described as "personal development education." In reality, Star's Edge is a quasi-religious cult with roots in Scientology.

· The founder and sole owner of Star's Edge, Harry Palmer, operated a Church of Scientology Mission in Elmira, New York for 15 years. After he was excommunicated in 1986, he soon introduced the Avatar Course.
· Palmer claimed the course resulted from revelations gained during a prolonged series of "sensory deprivation" sessions in a flotation tank. He promoted the course to former Scientologists as providing "the entire span of the Scientology bridge, the Buddhic path and beyond."
· Over the past decade, Palmer has broadly advertised himself as an educational psychologist. This unlicensed imposture as a health care professional is a felony in Florida and throughout the US. In truth, Palmer never received a degree in psychology, and has never held any credential or license as a psychologist. His college degree was in secondary education, and he was certified in New York to teach high school English.
· The basic Avatar Course consists of mental processes that induce a state of hypnotic trance. They are similar to those taught in Scientology, Raja yoga, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Buddhist meditation, among other practices. Yet the materials are represented as "confidential," and students are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement that defines them as unpublished trade secrets.
· Avatar Course trainers engage in mental manipulation by indoctrinating vulnerable students into the belief that the Avatar "network" is key to creating an Enlightened Planetary Civilization that holds the key to solving the woes of mankind.

· Star's Edge and its licensees recruit students for a nine-day course to become "Masters" (individual trainers) licensed to deliver the basic Avatar Course. The conditions of full licensure are not fully disclosed beforehand.
· Successful graduates receive a "provisional license." They are required to pay internship fees for an indefinite period until they become "qualified" by Star's Edge. Meanwhile, they are pressured to take successive trainer courses.
· Qualification requirements are arbitrary and unpublished. The licensing contract allows Star's Edge unilaterally to revoke any license issued, without explanation or recourse.
· Trainers are pressured to fix fees for the basic Avatar Course at the full "suggested" amount. This practice violates fair trade and competition regulations in virtually every jurisdiction worldwide where the Avatar Course is offered by independent licensees.
· The licensing scheme is a pyramidal multilevel marketing operation with the primary objective of selling successive courses for the financial benefit of Star's Edge, rather than providing a viable business opportunity for licensees. As a result, the vast majority of those who completed the Master course have since failed and given up on teaching Avatar as a business.

· Although Palmer falsely advertises himself as a psychologist, most of his works (including those registered as published) are claimed to be confidential, and have never been subjected to peer review.
· During the top-level Wizard course (which costs $7,500) Palmer reveals to students that they are infested with multiple possessive spirits or "entities." These are similar to the implanted "body thetans" of Scientology lore.
· Palmer has stated that these entities are the true cause of fatal illnesses, including AIDS and cancer. Their influence is said to be responsible for psychotic breaks that may occur during the basic Avatar Course.
· As a result, Avatar Masters who have taken the Wizard Course sometimes spread unfounded rumors of miracle cures. Many claim that taking the Avatar Course(s) will enable students to cure themselves of various medical conditions, including bipolar disorder. This amounts to a fringe religious doctrine akin to those expounded by Scientology, Christian Science, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Voodoo and other groups that practice faith healing.
· On the Wizard Course, students finally learn that Palmer is a sort of New Age messiah. This is the culmination of a progressive indoctrination into an occult belief system. It all began with the deceptive promise that the Avatar Courses only enabled students to examine and restructure their own personal and religious beliefs.

Also in her later book Ask Your Guides, Sonia also references Dr. Emoto on the impact of thought energy on matter. Dr. Emoto's Ph.D. is also from a questionable unaccredited university and his findings were done not according to scientific protocol nor have his reports been peer-reviewed to maintain quality control. Before stating anything as gospel (even the gospel itself) do due diligence for your own good. If you see someone who is licensed you have recourse if they cause harm. Psychics are not regulated so it is "at your own peril"... and often at high fees (Sonia charges $800 USD/hour) you can never recover. My strongest criticism of Choquette despite her best intention is that she recommends homeopathy and flower essence remedies in the section on the throat (fifth) chakra. There is no evidence to this effectiveness apart from placebo and many of these products are not tested for safety in human consumption.

To Sonia's credit, her suggestions to do The Hoffman Process, The Artist's Way, Gestalt, Imago Relationship Counselling, Improv, and get massages were a tremendous benefit to myself and others who read her books. Nonetheless, most people new to chakra work will like this introduction but the Eastern original take on the kundalini is the truer to source form.

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6 comments on Sonia Choquette's True Balance: An Imbalance???

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By nrb on July 23, 2008 at 08:42 pm

i recently came across two of your articles; one concerning new age practicioner sonia choquette and the latter involving counselor and medium, doreen virtue. it saddens me to hear that those closest to you were "manipulated" by these women, both of whom i greatly admire.

i've taken the time to peruse several books by both authors, and i found their advice to be uplifting, challenging, and  revolutionary. i truly believe that their words have healing power.

at the same time, i don't agree totally with all of their viewpoints, and why would i? god has given me the gift of discernement and divine intelligence; these attributes are present in all of us.

 i'm not here to berate or villify you, but I certainly hope that you will spend your time spreading love instead of animosity. you seem very angry, and i believe that the discomfort you feel existed long before sonia choquette entered the new age scene. maybe now is the time to confront the pain that lives within your heart. i suspect that sonia illicits such a volatile response because she has reached the level of notoriety that you secretly hope for.

as a fellow intuitive, i urge you to take the focus away from the likes of sonia and doreen, and onto yourself. true power empowers; it does not judge, belittle, or demonize anyone. remember, we are all god's creation.

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By Savattra on July 24, 2008 at 12:52 am

Sonia Choquette gave me a reading that she gave to 5 of my friends. This is not about jealousy as your adolescent rationale implies. Rather I was ripped off as were my friends and that is a legitimate cause of negative reaction.

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By nrb on July 24, 2008 at 09:59 pm

i understand that you felt decieved, and i made a point to note that in my reply, but at the same time, the manner in which you lash out at people only further illustrates my point. i have no vendetta a against you. savattra, you have the give of discernment; please use it, if you don't dissolve your anger now, you will be forced to deal with it later. situations like this continue to creep up in your life because you are unwilling to forgive. forgivness is not always easy, but it is necessary. try it. i think you'll feel loads better.

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By Savattra on July 26, 2008 at 11:20 pm

Just to clear some things up - I am not against women healers and true psychics. If you notice I recommend Laura Day, Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, Dr. Judith Orloff, Penney Peirce, and Marcia Emery. In the world of psychics and healers be as discerning as you would when selecting a mechanic.

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By Savattra on August 04, 2008 at 09:24 pm

In the world of psyhic phenomenon not all things are the same. Like I have stated before its like going to a care mechanic ... some are excellent with a fair price and others are rip off artists.  People go to these healers when they are vulnerable. The sad part is that being vulnerable can quickly lead to exploitation. This is what I am getting at. I don't expect people to agree with me. I only have seen more damage done to those who have turned to certain healers in the public eye. It is sad and could have been avoided. As for allegations of jealousy .... if I were truly jealous why am I promoting those who are also Hay House authors who are also healers?  I would be criticizing them as well if I was.

By the way nrb: If you're Sonia herself thanks for sharing. If your're not, consider something ... look at the pattern of her clients in her own books. One woman went for a reading and her house burned down. Another had her boyfriend leave her for her best friend. Yet another had breast cancer. I could go on, and these are in Sonia's own words, which makes me wonder if these people who admire her are somewhat in a "negative energy" or if "they are living lives with patterns that are negative" or "if Sonia is somehow bad luck in herself to see in the end". Just my thoughts.

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By shelflife on February 16, 2012 at 05:28 pm

Maybe the writer has had a change of heart. Sometimes when we occupy a belief system we live within a viewpoint.

Then we flip over to the opposite side of the belief and assume the opposite side. Cries of foul play now replace once worship. Think saint vs sinner arent they the same coin holding equal opposite sides!!!

Good mental health allows for paradoxs. Arent we all brainwashed by what we allowourselves to believe. I bet 9/10s of the worlds population could use some deprogramming.

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