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Leimert Park Beat: Keeps The Groove Going Strong

by Kim (writer), Los Angeles, September 26, 2011

Credit: Kim Vinson
Founding Author of the voices of pioneering prose of the park

1000 Plus - Staying Fused in the community and beyond

John Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" softly resonates on a Sultry Sunday afternoon in the heart of Leimert Park at a green and calm forum neighboring Ackee Bamboo Jamaican Cuisine. People began to come in, greeting each other and settling into the good vibes surrounding the grounds.

This was no ordinary day in Leimert Park. The balloons, smiling greeters and community of artists of all kinds are gathered to celebrate Leimert Park Beat - 1,000 member statuses. Musical Entertainment was provided by DJ Tendaji Lathan. Tendaji kept us grooving with what I call the nucleus of music - Jazz to R & B favorites that brought back memories and kept smiles on audience members faces.

A taste of Ashford & Simpson anyone?

Leimert Park Beat - is a community online newspaper founded by Eddie North-Hager, an accomplished Writer, Publisher, and Public Relations man in his own rite. Eddie's ingenious assignment from his Master's program launched into the birthing of an innovative broadsheet. Leimert Park Beat provides unique and engaging opportunities for writers to express their news, prose, artistic anecdotes as they may relate and correlate to the community of and beyond Leimert Park - A historical hub in Los Angeles near the intersection of Crenshaw Blvd and Vernon Ave.

Free expression is no stranger to Leimert Park where you will find all kinds of artistic representation through various venues from Sunday afternoon Drum Circle to World Stage Saturday Jazz Ensemble, enjoying a warm and inviting cup of coffee from an eateries while journaling or checking out a great book at Eso Won Bookstore. Listening to Young Artists perform Straight Ahead Jazz on a Saturday afternoon or browsing through ethnic clothing, artifacts, gifts and card choices at an ethnic store.

The gala event that took place on Sunday, September 25th 2011 not only gave voice to the 1,000 plus members but to a host community collaborators who spoke celebrating with Leimert Park Beat and community members.

Anthony Crump - Policy Analyst from Community Health Councils, Inc., Heather Presha - Leimert Park Area Realtor shared and gave input to the crowd.

The Honorable Bernard C. Parks - Los Angeles City Councilmember, Eight District, shared from where we've come historically in Leimert Park, a neighborhood that just a few short decades ago was not a welcoming African American oasis. In fact, minorities could not live "more than 24 hours" in what we now know as a cultural well-spring and one of the last in Los Angeles. Council-member Parks also shared of the promising events yet to come in Leimert Park and the surrounding area.

On this soul-filled afternoon in Leimert Park, there was something for everyone. Geebo the Clown provided lessons for the young from age 2 to 102 with tricks, surprises, and animals of different kinds that got along hanging out together...reminding us as human to be a bit kinder, more sensitive, willing and creative in living together with our differences that make us unique and valuable.

The most salient memory of the afternoon was the solidarity among all that were present. Yes, we are 1,000 members and growing; ever expressing the individual voice of our soul and creativity.

A heartfelt Thank You to our most conscious, intuitive, and connected Eddie North-Hager, Founder & Publisher for Leimert Park Beat- "The Soul of Los Angeles"

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Kim is a writer for BrooWaha. For more information, visit the writer's website.
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By enhager on July 12, 2012 at 07:39 pm

Kim - What a heartfelt story that I stumbled upon. And it was about a day we spent together. Thanks so much for all of your support and generosity. - Eddie North-Hager

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