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"Battle Stations" Part One-Whale Wars

by BusinessLife (writer), The Carolinas, August 01, 2011

Credit: Sea Shepherd
Yushin Maru aims water cannons at Delta, one of Sea Shepherd's motor boats
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Totally unexpected, the Bob Barker hears one of the worst sounds. It’s a distress signal.

The Steve Irwin is on its ways back to port for fuel and supplies. The first phase of the campaign has not been a success. They know the Japanese whalers could be cutting up fresh whale meat while the crew is in port.

The Bob Barker must now take the lead in search of the Nisshin Maru, the whaling manufacturing ship. But they can’t go anywhere as one of the Japanese whaling ships, the Yushin Maru is on their tail.

Luckily for the Bob Barker crew, help is on the way. After nearly 4,000 miles round trip, the Gojira is back out, headed to help the Bob Barker lose its tail and find the mother ship, the Nisshin Maru. The crew of the Bob Barker is excited to see the Gojira, the fastest ship of the 3-vessel fleet.

The Gojira gets closer to get a sense of their foe, the Yushin Maru following the Bob Barker. You can hear the loud speaker ordering the Gojira to back away from the Japanese whaling ship. One crew member from the Gojira has his own come back.

“Bring it on, buddy.”

The captain of the Bob Barker is now walking the crew through the plan to lose their tail, with the help of the Gojira. To help with the upcoming mission, the best captain of the small motor boats is transferred from the Steve Irwin to the Bob Barker.

He’s excited and anxious and ready to get started. The captain of the Bob Barker tells the motor boat captain which iceberg the Bob Barker will use as a rendezvous location to find the motor boat crew, should something go wrong.

The last time they used a motor boat to lose a tail, the prop fouler line tangling up the Japanese ship continued to attach itself to the motor boat as the boat was attempting to speed away.

They ended up cutting the line free. But no sooner did they speed away they noticed that the seam that attached the bottom of the motor boat to the sides was ripping apart. The freezing ocean waters could be seen coming into the craft.

Following this, both motor boats involved in this mission were soon forced to stay put by an iceberg for more than 13 hours. Two crew members were treated for hypothermia.

Today, however, one of the crew, Pottsy, who was treated for hypothermia is ready to tackle the same mission to save the whales.

“I’m just a bit nauseous. It’s just butterflies. But those will turn around to demons when we are in pursuit,” says Pottsy.

The Bob Barker’s mission to lose their tail is underway. A small motor boat is headed toward the ship to try and entangle a rope into the ship’s propellers.

The small motor boat speeds up to the Japanese ship, coming alongside the whaling ship. Soon they release the rope. It’s worked. They have done so without any problems to their own much smaller craft.

Now it’s the Gojira’s turn. They approach the Yushin Maru and use their cannon to fire at the ship. Advertisement As they do this, the Yushin Maru’s water cannon is positioned toward the Gojira and pounds against the crew.

As the Gojira crew continue to distract the Yushin Maru, the second small motor boat is getting into position to deploy their line, hoping to stop or severely slow down the ship’s propellers.

The deployment is successful. Moments after release, the Yushin Maru is slowing down. One crew member says the Japanese ship seems to have an upset stomach.

Cheers and applause go up on all Sea Shepherd vessels. The Bob Barker is free of its tail. They are on their way in search of the lead manufacturing ship, the Nisshin Maru.

Totally unexpected, the Bob Barker hears one of the worst sounds. It’s a distress signal. It blares loudly. The fear and concern comes across the faces of the crew onboard the Bob Barker.

The distress signal is coming from the Yushin Maru. Finally being able to lose its tail, the Bob Barker is faced with a major decision.

According to maritime law, any vessel in the area of a distressed ship must respond. This includes the Bob Barker, only five miles away from losing their tail. Both the Bob Barker and the Gojira radio the Yushin Maru and ask the crew to identify what the problem is.

With no response, one of the small motor boats attempts to come alongside the Yushin Maru. No sooner do they get close enough to consider boarding the ship than they Yushin Maru pounds water down upon the motor boat. The small vessel speeds away.

Just minutes later the Yushin Maru is back underway. Now the Bob Barker moves on with the Yushin Maru moments behind.

The Bob Barker sends out a radio message that says they will continue to send out lines to entangle the ship’s propeller if the Yushin Maru continues to follow and harass the Bob Barker. (A few days later, the Yushin Maru releases a statement that claims no one from the Sea Shepherd organization responded to their distress signal. However, with footage of the scene showing the Gojira and the Bob Barker responding, it seems clear who may be telling a tall tale.)

The Gojira and its crew are ready to show the Yushin Maru what it can do. The Gojira releases a prop fouling line of its own. Their line is made of metal.

Coming Up: Whale Wars "Battle Stations" Part 2

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