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Whale Wars, Paul Watson sends out S.O.S.

Credit: Sea Shepherd
Endangered humpback whales in Antarctica with Bob Barker in far background
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The Sea Shepherd's flagship, the Steve Irwin is seized and may be sold in just days.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Founder, Paul Watson is down to the wire and may lose their flagship, the Steve Irwin. Watson, made famous by Animal Planet's reality TV series, "Whale Wars" has been an animal rights activist for decades and was an original member of Greenpeace.

Today, he and an elite team of Sea Shepherds sail the oceans in their efforts to stop whaling and other endangered sea life, including bluefin tuna.

In an attempt to save the Steve Irwin, Watson has posted the following letter and video clip (click link in video box to left of article) asking for help to prevent the ship from being detained and possibly sold by United Kingdom (UK) courts.


I am writing to you from the ship, in Lerwick, Scotland: I need your help to free our flagship vessel, the Steve Irwin.

On the afternoon of Friday, July 15, the Steve Irwin was detained in the Scottish Shetland Islands by the British courts due to a civil lawsuit brought against us by Maltese fishing company, Fish and Fish Limited. They are claiming damages for the bluefin tuna we rescued from their nets in June 2010, fish that we believe were illegally caught after the season has closed, without an inspector onboard, or any paperwork documenting the legality of their catch.

We have a legal firm representing us, and believe we have the necessary evidence to support our case. This lawsuit will also give us the opportunity to expose what we allege to be illegal activities by Fish and Fish and we will be aggressively defending the case on this basis. The protection of the endangered bluefin is vitally important to our oceans, and to humanity, because if the oceans die…we die.

Now, unless we post a bond for USD$1,411,692.87, the Steve Irwin will be held indefinitely and possibly sold. This would not only be a financial hardship for Sea Shepherd, but more importantly, it could prevent us from reaching the Faeroe Islands to protect pilot whales and threaten our ability to defend whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary from the Japanese whaling fleet this December.

I urge you to help Save Our Ship today! We must urgently raise USD$1,411,692.87 to post bond. Gifts are coming in, but we have a long way to go. I urge you to send the largest gift you can today – your gift is incredibly important and will make a difference by helping us save the lives of endangered whales.

You've already helped save thousands of whales and untold numbers of other marine creatures, but unless we get our ship back soon, whales will die tragic deaths because of our inability to move this ship and protect them.

Please make a donation to save the Steve Irwin so we can return to sea and do what we do best – defend life in our oceans.

Never has the need for your help and support been any greater.

Thank you,

For our Oceans and for the Steve Irwin,

Captain Paul Watson

According to Watson's video (see video link to left of article) the Steve Irwin may be sold in 30 days if they don't retreive the vessel from the UK Courts.

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By lilredhsb on July 31, 2011 at 01:25 pm

Let them pay for their own crimes, they hurt two men and now they want other people to feel sorry for them and donate, no thank you. This isn't just about cutting a net, not by a longshot. Two men were taken to the hospital as a result of the sscs attacks. Crime=punishment and as the judge said:


[30] Once again, I am persuaded that the petitioners' response is to be preferred. The first respondents' status as a charitable organisation cannot in my view carry much weight when set against the sort of conduct of which the petitioners now complain. A deliberate and violent attack upon the high seas has caused the petitioners to sustain substantial commercial losses. Should the present claim be successful, its enforcement will almost inevitably depend upon the attachment of the "Steve Irwin" as a major source of funds, and in all the circumstances I am satisfied that the current arrestment and its underlying warrant are entirely reasonable security measures which should be left in place.''

no one should be above the law.

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