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Listen up Hollyhood Scenesters : Music Is Forever.


Even if you weren't around while a band was together, actively touring or pressing records. Their music can still get under your skin. How many generations have learned to love Led Zeppelin?

I had friends in college who, as a collective household, only listened to Led Zep. Anytime I visited their place...what was on TV?...some Led Zep DVD. This is not an overstatement.

I have never seen anything else on their TV with the exception being a greasy handful of Blockbuster movies.
These guys probably never got to see Led Zep play live. They were drooling on themselves and pounding sippy cups when Led Zep first came out.

However, this band was still a HUGE influence in the lives of these guys. It has affected me to this day; quite obviously since I am a fan of Led Zeppelin, still listen to them and am writing about those Zeppelin- filled college moments.

Recently I was reading an informal bio of a band that was big in the 80's & 90's. When I listen to one of their songs, it instantly transports me to a time and place from my past. Whether it's a sad or happy place, the point is, I was moved there by music. Short of beam-me-up-Scotty technology, I can't imagine anything else in the universe that moves us like music.

This band's music & style has directly influenced many musicians we love today. They made incredible music, then
unfortunately fell prey to human nature. Unabashedly displaying the tendency of great rock bands to implode.

It really struck me because I was just mulling over how music is forever. Whether a band breaks up or not, their music is still lying around in corners of the world waiting to be discovered.

Older fans can re-discover and fall in love all over again when they see their old favorites listed on iTunes. Younger, less cosmopolitan music fans can feel, learn & experience the same thing generations of the past did when they listened to that music. The environmental context is not the same, but some of the emotions & inspirations the music draws out, are shockingly similar.

In my opinion, making good music creates immortality in a community, societal sense. They say if you have a child, you become immortal in a way because the child carries on your legacy. I attribute the same notion to creating a song, an album, a discography. You leave pieces of you for future music lovers or wayward thinkers to find when they need them. A gift of music that never really stops giving. That is forever.

Music is forever.
No matter what. Despite band break-ups, line-up changes and/or label struggles. Music is forever.

A Few Cases in Point:
The Exit
The Pixies
One Handed Molly
Vanilla Ice

Even if there are no more copies in print. Music is Forever. Someone will hear your music.

So here's to hoping musicians and those who aspire as such, keep that in mind (yes, Mr. Van Winkle, Shaq, Ms. Hilton, Ms. Lohan, I'm talking to you).

Music is forever.

Please stop financing this swill and shoving it down our throats. I don't want to see your panties or lack there of, and I definitely don't want to hear your version of music. Please stop. Please.

This sewage is flooding the industry and tainting even real musicians and people. The stench is awful. The cloud above LA is getting, darker, fatter,'s about to burst and purge the nasty truth about human nature.

It's choking the airwaves and transmitting diseases to our young, impressionable youth. Its message is seeping deep into the veins of society negating any need for realness or talent.

It's stifling our eclectic music industry and exploiting it as a soap box for "the money morality and minority of famous" to spout their garbage through song. To burn their sick, meaningless ideal of success into the brains of those who are looking to belong. To lower the bar via the media, so that they appear more valuable.

Hmmm...Fewer values equal more ratings, which in turn increases value
(> values + ratings = $$$$/Fame)

How can we let these people, obviously deprived of quality book learnin', do the metaphorical math and set the status quo? Not only through paid media assaults, but also through music. Et Tu DJs?

Please stop. Because Music is forever.

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By Annonymous on March 20, 2007 at 11:55 am
Even though you consider the "sewage that is flooding the industry" to be trite and distasteful, is this music incapable of moving / speaking to anyone? Can we reasonably expect -- or even want -- teenagers of all eras to love the Pixies? These are matters of taste, and I think you may be overstating the harm of disposable pop music. Some of it is fun! People dance to it! That can't be all bad, can it?
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