Friday, February 15, 2019

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Going to law school can be one of the most exciting career paths to take on. As there are several different paths you can take, this is an industry that has a multitude of sectors to explore. Whether you’re currently in law school or only considering it, starting to study these areas now is crucial. However, that’s why I’ve brought you a few noteworthy suggestions. Check them out below:


If you’ve had an interest in helping out up-and-coming companies, then going the startup route might not be a bad suggestion. Although you might not be able to build out a customer... Read More

You have lost your social security card, and you might have realized it right as you need to use it for a specific purpose. It's easy enough to get another card, so you can relax on that end. To be sure, the other problem is that your paper card and number are now floating around out there. While that is cause for concern, credit fraud monitoring is easier these days, and you likely have nothing to worry about.

You can always enroll in an identity protection program. Realize, too, that many people have been in your situation. There have been people who have lost their SS cards multiple... Read More

Germany has a long tradition of making jewelry. Find out a collective tribe of creative jewelers who are flourishing there.

Germany has a long and rich history of jewelry production, especially in the city of Pforzheim. The thriving watch and jewelry industry in Pforzheim is called the "City of Gold."

Germany's Jewelry Tradition

The tradition dates back to 1767 when the Lord of the City founded a watch and jewelry factory in the local orphanage. Today, Pforzheim houses the world's only jewelry museum with exhibitions dating back more than 5000 years, as... Read More

In recent years, there seems to have been a new revival of not just religion across the world, but Christianity in particular. With Christianity being a staple in countries such as the United States of America, mainly because of its teachings, the religion is spreading like wildfire into more and more areas. Having said that, one of those areas that it has spread to is the already religious based country of Israel. Isreal, which has established itself as a country of Jews, Judaism is becoming less and less the main religion there. As we have mentioned, Christianity is spreading and converting... Read More

According to the recent news from Reuters, South Korean president Moon Jae-in announced on Thursday that an agreement that was signed in 2015 between his country and Japan over South Korean comfort women was seriously flawed. This happened after Japan claimed that any attempt to revisit the issue would sabotage the relationship between the two superpower nations.

a committee that was formed to investigate the comfort women testimonies failed to meet the requirements of young gals and women who are forced to work in military brothels in Japan whereby most of them are Korean, euphemistically... Read More

After a long seven-year legal battle, Felix Sater - cofounder of Bayrock Group - was exonerated of all charges by a New York Court judge on September 28, 2017. The dismissal of the tax fraud charges of $250 million dollars vicariously exonerates Tevfik Arif, the founder of Bayrock, and puts serious doubt on the ongoing but unconfirmed reports of any illegal dealings between Bayrock and any of its employees and the Trump organization.

The prosecution was conducted by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. The basis of the prosecution was a whistle blower's report that is purported to... Read More

Are you more likely to have a car accident if you are a man, or a woman? How about if you’re driving a Mercedes, or cruising round in a vauxhall corsa? After analysing 25,000 incident reports, Car Accident solicitors Your Legal Friend found some interesting results.

The boys have it

Men make up 70% of drivers who cause road accidents, according to this study. The gender of victims in accidents were more evenly split, with 59% of the victims in accidents being men and 41% being female.

3 is the magic number

Exiting your twenties may mean lower car insurance... Read More

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The world we live in currently, one would be very hard pressed to experience rational peace and genuine freedom. "Peace", is a rare and almost extinct commodity. It is a shadow in the memory of humanity, a mere moment in the blink of an eye that we seldom...


Nice piece Credo as usual. You mention in context at the end "for fear of making war with the Gods." The keystone of peace lies crumbling,simply because the 'Gods of war' reign supreme despite race, religion,etc. Hypothetically if religion didn't exist...


I have serious doubts about the reality of Christ, but I have no doubt that if he existed, he did not look the way as the image commonly depicted in the U S and the rest of the West does. As the early Christians made war on pagan civilizations and cultures,...