Saturday, February 23, 2019

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It's the most famous negative in Greek history – Epeteios tou Ohi, literally the Anniversary of the 'No', Ohi Day, celebrated every year on 28 October. It marks the occasion in October, 1940 when General Metaxas, then prime minister, rejected an ultimatum from Mussolini to allow Italian troops on Greek soil or else. He replied, in laconic Spartan style, with that single word - No!

The Euro crisis, a Greek tragedy by any measure, is now in its final act, bodies strewn across the stage, the chorus wailing in the background. Of the prologue I said over a year ago on another news blog... Read More

The French presidential election is next spring, and the Socialist party had a great idea for their primary: open the voting to all French citizens, Socialist and otherwise.

It worked. Participation was far better than expected, and the party got great press coverage. There was, however, a surprise.

A young provincial lawyer, Arnaud Montebourg, came from total obscurity to third place in the primary, with 17% of votes cast. In the process he beat two well-known party stalwarts.

His platform (?) opposition to globalization, with a raft of measures to bring the French economy... Read More

Verena Becker is presently on trial in Germany, charged as an accomplice in the murder over thirty years ago of Siegfried Buback, then Germany’s prosecutor-general, in a drive-by shooting. Becker, if you have never heard of her, was once a member of a collection of terrorists generally known as the Baader-Meinhof Group, after the two principal leaders, though they preferred to call themselves the Rote Armee Fraktion – Red Army Faction – or the RAF. These people had declared war on what was then the Federal Republic of Germany, Buback being a prime target, an agent of the ‘fascist’ state. The... Read More

Sunday the 19th of September 2010 is forever marked in the Swedish history books.

For the first time, the right-wing has been able to hold on to power over two election periods in what has otherwise been an almost exclusively socialist dominated country.

The Social Democrats, Sweden's mainstay political party of the 20th century has suffered their worst election since the 1920's.

These events are truly remarkable, showing a political shift in the former poster child country for cradle to grave welfare.

But, this is not what is making headlines, It is not what people... Read More

UK Councils are suffering under the recession much as everyone else and they try, on the whole, to get the best 'bang per buck' from their income. A lot of this is driven by central government because they set levels of national funding for local councils for essential services (police, fire etc.) and others are bid for by demonstrating a need and the rest by Council Tax (or Poll Tax as we used to call it).

The point in this article is to describe how Councils make up money from certain areas and act for themselves rather than the people they are supposed to support and represent. So... Read More

A statement by a French official has put Pakistan's foreign minister, Shah Mahmood Qureshi, in an embarrasing situation. Qureshi, in May this year had gone on record saying that France is ready for a transfer of civilian nuclear energy technology to Pakistan. The office of the French President Nicolas Sarkozy, had then said that they are offered to help Pakistan improve its "nuclear safety" capability. The French authorities had then not reacted to Qureshi's statement saying that such a move would need IAEA's nod. Now, the French authorities have made it official. President Sarkozy’s intitiative... Read More

As various health bodies are still struggling to counter the swine flu pandemic, reports of a Tamiflu resistance developing in a few individuals across the world were causing concerns. Now, to add to their worries, UK has reported the first instance of confirmed cases of person-to-person transmission of a Tamiflu-resistant strain in the world.

Some other reports also listed cases of scores individuals developing the drug resistant strain but there were no reports of person-to-person transmission. Authorities reported five patients at a unit treating people with severe underlying health... Read More

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