Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Between a comfortable place in the Western alliance, minimal expectations from the United States, and moderate international threats, The Hague should choose the simplest and cheapest options, and let Germany do the rest, placing itself under a self-chosen protectorate.

The Netherlands were part of the founding members of the Atlantic alliance in 1949 and have always found a good deal in it. While, theoretically, the alliance was for countries which had contributed to the war effort alongside America, the Netherlands were enemies of the Reich mostly on paper, with their armed forces... Read More

How the European Union is setting standards to benefit Russian fertilizer producers. Russian fertilizer producers have found a clever way of devastating their global competition, by raising an artificial alarm regarding microscopic and natural deposits contained within one of the ingredients of fertilizers. If the European Unionis fooled by Russia’s lobbying efforts, Moscow will kick almost every other fertilizer producer out of the European market.

Almost since its inception, the European Union has been in the business of regulating, with some seeing this role as a safeguard, and... Read More

In here we have provided a few tips and tricks that you should follow as closely as possible while moving houses. Do them the right way and you’ll just breeze through the entire process in almost no time. No pain, no headache but only gain. Now let’s begin.

1. Ensure that you have at least a playbook in your mind

By this we mean, walking through your new apartment/home and make a mental note of things that are going to go in each of your rooms.

It’d be good if you take photographs of each room separately. Then on the reverse side of each photograph note down the things... Read More

After eradicating the Euro 500 note, this new charge towards the utopian dream of a cashless society is not well received across Europe where citizens are fearing for their basic rights and for their savings.

Does being allowed to pay in cash constitute a fundamental right? The question is today being asked all across Europe. Technically, no article of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights makes payments in cash a right for European citizens. However, when looking at the reasons brought up by the EU to push for a cashless society, ‘anonymity’ is often mentioned.

For the EU, anonymity... Read More

A challenge facing a new head of the UK government today - the one for which Theresa May has been nominated for the Prime Minister - is to fulfill the British people's wish regarding the UK withdrawal from the EU. To bridge over difficulties of transition period, to minimize short-term losses, to have the migration problems resolved at last, and not to lose, under any circumstances, those opportunities that are now opening up in economic and social spheres - this is the work for a politician of Thatcher's style.

Judging by her statements on the UK security and foreign policy the 'Iron... Read More

As you know, on January 27, 2016, the Vilnius County Court opened hearings into the January 13, 1991 case. At that time, during clashes between demonstrators who stood for Lithuania’s independence from the USSR, and Soviet military, 14 people were killed, including 13 civilians and one operative of the KGB Alpha Group.

Lithuanian 'Nuremberg' reached a dead end from Imri Araius on Vimeo.

Brief historical excursus

On March 11, 1990, the Supreme Council of the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic headed by Vytautas Landsbergis declared Lithuania’s independence and... Read More

Information war has become an integral part of the present-day world. The influence of mass media (in the broad sense of this word) on society is enormous now. The one, who has control over information, is controlling public opinion and makes a significant impact on policymaking circles.

In such authoritarian countries as Iran, Russia, Syria and North Korea political propaganda, which can't have or involve interpretation of events that differs from official line, is perhaps the only source of information. Our task is to help our readers (including those ones who can receive... Read More

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