Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Having been living with the drug addicts you do see how they see life. Fun, well they think lying on a bed zonked out full of drugs is good. Well I don't call that fun, when you see them in the foetal position. For many drug users they spend their last money all on drugs.

How they con people out of money, walking up to them promising them to bring back drugs to just fix themselves up with the drugs... Then they never go back, free drugs they look at well they have just stolen money, bought an illegal drug and hiding whilst they take the drugs. Is this life.... A drug user thinks... Read More

Background about

In the Cross Fire

The uncovering of significant evidence, is the most significant part of this series of books The Kings Cross Sting. How we found the evidence, how the evidence fell into the story, well you have to start right at the beginning.

A few people, may think they recognize themselves however the story is in the author’s mind they say. I have dreamt, visualized, the information. Maybe even manifested to come to the surface. With mediation on the various images have been worked on searching for the answers.

Many of these images have not... Read More

Many Drug dealers were out last night, I hit the streets to see who was about. Where were they dealing from.

Taking a drug user, it wasn't hard to ask for some stuff to see where it was being served tonight. It was raining heavy however the drugs were still in demand. We asked about in some of the fast food outlets, for some ice. Needing to score. The drug user his name Bill is just like you or me however he was shattered with his problems in his early 20's and lives now in the moment.

I have been working with drug users, however to get to the drug dealer was some art in... Read More

Sydney over the last months has been shot at, chased, terrorised for what? A fight over a bank account.

Bikes Unite has been happening all over the World . It is known that most large bikie mob, the largest all over the world name the drug running arm of the operations the runaways. Being like the wanders they work of a night, no fixed address yet they have a person behind the scenes.

This band of misfits that have terroried Sydney over a bank account TYVO Taking your vice over has caused families to run for cover.

The gun shoots have stopped yet the war is still happening... Read More

Who is in Control? The drugs or the police.

For my opinion working and living on the front line of drug worn warzone Kings Cross. The disgusting drug barons that lurch away hiding, with a girlfriend in toe is just a normal night in Kings Cross.

The Master as I put it, yet the drugs that go through his hands feed so many. Who is control? The Police that seem to have no control from the Master. The system, these drug barons have other drug dealers and users hiding them at every point through this drug empire that The Master has created.

The Master had started many years... Read More

It may have been 1975, when Juanita Nielsen was around yet Juanita and many that came after Juanita have been looking for the rainbow where the pot of gold is.

For some of us, we wouldn't care and for others it has been a life's search to uncover the illegal money where the drugs turn into money.

The money is the commodity, where you can have the cars, the houses, the renovations, the pubs, the tattoo shops, yet it is still the hidden money that the government is looking for. The roof space hiding a few thousands. Well where I come from, the walls are made of money. Many people... Read More

From the first sighting of Kings Cross the hidden agenda, the night that was the decider. Seeing all the prostitutes, lined up against the shop fronts in Kings Cross. This is the Red light district Kings Cross, the tourist capital of the world for many is Kings Cross. Drug addicts eyes, no one can hide them. The skinny, pale, grey in colour faces that sidle up beside the punters yet we need a health Kings Cross. With the hidden drug trade pouring the white stuff where is the Bohemian Kings Cross?

Where once Kings Cross was made up of cafe's, dress shops, sex shops, adult dvd shops,... Read More

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