Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Aroop Raha, the Indian Air Force chief recently articulated his disappointment that the country’s air power was not fully utilized during the first war with Pakistan in 1948. Likewise, he said, the airpower was not used during the 1962 war with China.

Raha said that while the Indian Air Force (IAF) was used as a “bridge” to transport troops to Kashmir for several months but when a military solution was in sight India went to the United Nations” taking the “the moral high ground”. The statement is largely true. The Air Force was used when the situation became desperate with the Pakistani... Read More

Earlier last week Mahmooda Mufti’s speech was being telecast live by India TV. I wanted to check where did she speak in the vein that she did which appeared to be highly rational. I scanned all the newspapers that I get – Hindi as well as English – but I could not find it covered in any of them. The Times of India, of course, did not report it and even The Hindu – a newspaper that reports in detail everything of national interest uttered by a person of the stature of a chief minister – seemed to have glossed over it.

I do not recollect where Ms. Mufti was speaking but she was certainly... Read More

Mobile phones are the most popular thing which has dominated the markets today. Almost every person to this date carries mobile phones with them. The levels of technology are ever increasing and people always want to be updated. Phones have now transformed into smartphones and the features have also got bigger and better. People can now do almost everything from a smartphone. From making calls to sending mails, from video calls to playing games your smartphone allows you to access all of it without a glitch. All of these advancements are possible through the development of mobile applications.... Read More

Iran’s Women Are Unable To Seek Justice Against Their Many Abuses and Rights Infringements

The Iranian regime, governed by the religious diktats of its leading mullahs, systematically denies and abuses the rights of women; in matters of marriage, divorce, inheritance, education, work and dress. The secondary role of women in Iranian society is stated clearly in the constitution, first drawn up and implemented after the 1979 Revolution, as belonging to the realm of motherhood, for the rearing of individuals in service of the regime’s ideology and the support of men in their life pursuits.

... Read More

Prime Minister Modi is reported to have said the other day while addressing G20 leaders at Antalya (Turkey), “We need to involve religious leaders, thinkers and opinion makers for a social movement against extremism, particularly addressed to the youth” This was needed the most in countries where extremism was most prevalent, he said, and highlighted the urgency for promoting broader peace and stability in West Asia and Africa. He also said, “We don’t have a comprehensive global strategy to combat terrorism. And we tend to be selective in using the instruments that we have.”

Platitudinous... Read More

Even though Congress party had faced a huge defeat in 2014 elections, the young leader Rahul Gandhi maintained to grab the attention of headlines and is beloved by people for fighting for their rights. In light of a recent survey conducted this year in July this year, Rahul Gandhi emerged as the best opposition leader in 2019 Lok Sabha elections as the alternative to Narendra Modi. The second place in the survey is won by the Chief Minister of West Bengal Mamata Banerjee, with only 8% vote.

This survey clearly shows the love of common masses toward the young and dynamic Rahul Gandhi... Read More

Rahul Gandhi, scion of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty of the Indian National Congress headed by Sonia Gandhi has suddenly become active and is practically slamming Prime Minister Modi virtually every day. Since his return from what has been termed a sabbatical he has been latching on to any and every issue to fire charges at Prime Minister Modi or his government.

It seems almost like the proxy war that Pakistan is waging against India. On realization that it was impossible to take away a military victory from India in an all out war Gen. Zia ul Haq, the Pakistani dictator, propounded the doctrine... Read More

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