Saturday, February 16, 2019

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Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. A nice small town of about 9,000 people. Nice people, I'm sure. Unfortunately, it seems that Mechanicsburg has a zombie problem--a holy zombie problem. Let's rewind about 4 months to October 11, 2011. Ernest Perce, a militant Atheist, decided to dress as the prophet Muhammad, zombified. Perce, a member of the “Parading Atheists of Central PA,” marched with a fellow atheist who was dressed as a zombie pope. The men were involved that night in a parade. Perce marched down the street, holding a sign that proclaimed “Muhammed [sic] of Islam.” Perce walked down the street,... Read More

This year marks the thirtieth anniversary of Argentina’s illegal invasion of the Falkland Islands, a fiasco which turned out to be a political gift by a gang of fascist thugs to Margaret Thatcher, the British Prime Minister at the time. Argentina has never lost it’s hankering after a group of islands it calls Las Malvinas, though its connection is tenuous at best and the local people, all English speaking, want to preserve their link with Britain.

Now, in this anniversary year, the Argentinean government has upped the ante by lodging a protest in the United Nations over Britain’s ‘militarisation’... Read More

What President Obama or any other American president won't tell the population is that things aren't going to get too much better as the nation sinks into economic decline without any solutions to stop it. But, you don't get re-elected by being negative.History teaches that decadent nations don't make comebacks. The real world isn't Hollywood. For example, the main strength of the Arab world is its stagnant permanence. Arguably its biggest change in 1,000 years has been the formation of Al Jazeera Television News. So, while the West has flourished, its own greed, avarice and gluttony is destroying... Read More

The overblown and continuing controversy surrounding a planned Ground Zero Islamic center is indicative of a greater problem, a form of religious intolerance called Islamophobia which may increase as America's Muslim population grows along with continued threats from extremists. And, having some Republicans making this local matter an election issue only makes matters worse. America has long had a ethnic and religious pecking order, much the same as other countries have. In our case, we began with a WASP base whose members looked down on non WASPS. But none of these groups had members threatening... Read More

With just a video posting on Youtube, the progressive organization called has garnered almost three hundred thousand signatures from people all across the country angry at Target's recent political donations to a gubernatorial candidate in Minnesota who has openly opposed gay marriage and workers unions. The video itself has already been seen by over half a million people.

Meanwhile, has also taken out a television commercial against the retail giant, which has aired on CBS, NBC, and ABC. Cable news outlet MSNBC refused to air the ad saying that it violated their... Read More

Imagine your house is on fire and the fire department doesn’t bother to show up for about three or four hours after the fire was reported. Then when the flames have gone away, they pack up and leave – never mind that there are still burning embers in that pile of ash where you used to live.

This is how HRH Obama has handled the gulf oil spill. He didn’t bother to even think about it for almost 40 days and then he decides to get involved when his own supporters begin to question his motives. During the first few days of the crisis, over 30 countries offered their assistance to handle... Read More

The Gulf oil catastrophe was a man made disaster waiting to happen and no one’s hands are free of the sticky crude that’s slowly enveloping the northern Caribbean. The fact is, we as a nation are petroleum junkies…we can’t live without our cars and gasoline, a life’s blood that has made ruthless pushers wealthy no matter what the cost.

Daily we cruise the streets looking for the cheapest fix for our gas guzzling cars…But, in reality, no price is too great for a tank-like SUV that has become a symbol of power, security and wealth. The Deepwater Horizon disaster was inevitable as our need... Read More

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