Saturday, February 16, 2019

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When I read the recent headline in our national newspaper announcing that Canada was opening a website where prospective employers and skilled foreign workers could date each other, one side of me was heartened and the other side petrified.

I was heartened, because when I came to this country a quarter century ago under the category of “skilled worker,” lured by the first world, “Brand Canada” lifestyle that was on tap, there were no such dating sites. All the Canadian High Commission in my native homeland had to work from was an outdated, typed list of required skills, among them, Undertaker... Read More

I was elated when young Justin took the podium recently and announced his candidacy for Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada. At last, new hope, a new face, and no baggage other than for a marquee name (with perhaps some old baggage). Now, let the young people try to make some sense of this mess that we Yuppies have created with our overflowing greed; as we stagger into our golden years, we can’t figure it out anymore, worried about diminishing pensions and healthcare, and wondering why we extended our lives so long but imperiled those very anchors that allow us to age gracefully.

Justin’s... Read More

The morning after the elections, the economy is still deteriorating, the education levels are falling, and the health system is still the worst in the western world. But this does not matter to just over 50% of all Americans whose team has won.

The morning after, the crème de la crème of America, the tri-state area, has not yet recovered from the last storm, many are without electricity and schools are still closed, and the transportation to the heart of America, Manhattan, is barely functioning. Infrastructure in large part of the country is reaching third world quality, and police... Read More

I usually write in the family section but I disagreed so strongly with a recent post on the American President that I took a stab at writing a political article.

A post, written by 'Susan', expressed her angry reaction to a speech given by the American President when he was in Roanoke in July. She was upset because her family had struggled and suffered great hardships to build a business, without any outside help. Obama's words seemed to belittle their efforts.The following is the speech given by President Obama in Roanoke this July. "There are a lot of wealthy, successful Americans who... Read More

Amir Khadir, a Quebec politician, was arrested, handcuffed and held on a transit bus, on Tuesday, with about 50 other detainees after police got involved in the protest. The protest was over the province's student crisis and its contentious Bill 78. The emergency bill would fine Quebec student leaders up to $35K for blocking classes.

Amir Khadir is th current the National Assembly member for the Montreal riding of Mercier. Khadir was handcuffed and placed on a bus with the other detainees. This occurred after police surrounded the group of demonstrators in Quebec City's Petit Champlain... Read More

We recently celebrated 100 days of student unrest in Quebec over increases in tuition fees in that province. At first I did not pay much attention. No one takes a price increase lying down, I figured, one has to question it, raise a fuss and hope that the price-increaser backs down. But when this protest got ugly with street demonstrations, destroyed public property, Molotov cocktails, tear gas, mass arrests, draconian legislative changes, the provincial government being pushed to the brink, and more than just students joining in the demonstrations, I started to take notice.

Was this... Read More

Child Abuse for Dummies: The Politics of Child Abuse

By Joshua Allen

DCFS Has “Taken your kid.”

(The Talk) When social workers come to your home to remove your children: Put your shirt on before opening the door. And incidentally, how come your shirt is off every time a social worker comes to your home? If social workers are taking your baby for neglect: Don’t light up a cigarette (or anything else) while they are there and your kids are crying. You can do that when they’re gone. Oh, and don’t make a scene, it’s not good for the children. Now this is important: Gather... Read More

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