Friday, February 15, 2019

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Monterey Police Officer John Olney pulled over a Homeless senior woman on September 19th, 2012 for "impeding traffic" in the middle of the night, when there was "no traffic". Claiming that she was in violation of "Vehicle Code 22400", while driving on Garden Road for going "too slow".

The code that she was cited for was for driving "too slow" on the Highway, not on a City Street, something that Officer John Olney should have known.

The Officer was even "caught lying" on the Police Videotape, stating that she was driving 18mph and as low as 6mph, when the Police Radar documented... Read More


It's a pity that Americans will always be as diversely affected, torn by the issue and judgmentally complicated on the subject of race. The terminology "racism" always seems to sprout sharp thorns and ruptured thistles of criticism flaring in the air typically like pollen takes to flight on its merry way to un-chartered grounds. *Most odd and bizarre indeed, to live in a racially based country that was established from the barn fires of Negro barbecues, overlooking the burning crosses of bigotry that was displayed on green lawns in front of wooden shacks... Read More

Bernie Sanders, an Independent senator from Vermont recently introduced a bill in the Senate titled: Keeping Our Social Security Promise Act. A companion bill was introduced into the House by Congressman DeFazio (D-OR). The bill, if passed will save Social Security for the next 75 years and would not require any decrease in benefits or a raise in the eligibility age requirement.

Presently, Americans to pay 6.2% of their wages to support the Social Security system. Income up to $113,700 is subject to the tax. Wage income beyond $113,700 is not taxed. Essentially this means the majority... Read More

A video about the gross inequality of wealth distribution in the U.S. has gone viral.

The video depicts the differences between what Americans believe about wealth distribution in the U.S. and what most Americans want the pattern to look like and what it really looks like. The disconnection between perception and reality is stark and disturbing.

The video depicts an almost delusional sense about the "middle class" in American society and should serve as a wakeup call to most Americans. The beauty of this video is that it is not an anger-laden sound-bite that usually... Read More

Haiti is a young nation, which is to say that it is a nation of the young. Growing old here without mishap is something of an achievement. If history in the widest sense is no more than a form of collective memory, then there are not many still alive who remember the days of Baby Doc Duvalier, the former dictator. The son of the infamous Papa Doc, Baby Doc ruled the country from his father’s death in 1971 until he was ousted in 1986 by a military coup.

After many years in exile he returned home in 2011. Some remembered. Some even celebrated his return, seeing his rule in a positive... Read More

America sooo...let me get this straight. The most powerful country in the world, which boasts about the glorious life of the free and the brave is arguing whether it will care for its sick and dying citizens?? The Statue of Liberty, is it truly a sign of hope for your citizens or an ironic joke on the poor who live under its shadow?

How ridiculous is this whole debate. My puny country, Canada manages to offer heath care. We are not socialist in fact, at the moment it is the Conservative Right in power.What irks me the most about Americans is that the self-righteous, religious right... Read More

Are you American? Then you must be concerned about war. Oh, not some distant conflict, not Afghanistan. No, the war you must be concerned about – surely you must? – is the war on your southern border. Yes, it’s the war in Mexico, that unacknowledged Vietnam.

The war on terror (what a disaster that has been) is bad enough; the war on drugs has been even worse. It’s the sheer savagery of the Mexican conflict that disgusts me, the mutilations and the murderous sadism. Do you know how many people have died in the drugs war? The official estimate to date is 50,000 but those who know... Read More

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