Friday, February 15, 2019

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Crisis is everywhere. Panic! It’s the next Great Depression! Banks are failing! Gas prices are soaring! It’s the end of the American Dream! In short, we’re fucked. But I can’t help wonder. Is it all for the best?

If it wasn’t for the current crisis, would the media be full of stories on how to get out of debt and live within your means? No. Would every major corporation in America be trying to out green each other? Ha! Would there be renewed interest in alternative energy and transportation? No. Would Obama be leading in the polls?

While I’d like to think of Americans... Read More

Like every American, I remember the morning like it was yesterday. My family and I had been in our new house a scant three weeks. The phone rang and since we hadn’t set one up in the master bedroom I had to walk downstairs. The voice on the other end of the line was my mother’s saying that the Libyans had attacked the World Trade Center. By the time I turned on my TV, it had been three hours real time since the attack happened. I got off the phone with my mother and sat and watched what I knew was an event deeply rooted in hate and evil against the United States.

Through the rest of... Read More

I haven’t selected a Douche Bag of the Month this year, although there have been many very deserving candidates. But, this one has been bugging me for so long that I finally had to write about it. You may remember the tiger incident at the San Francisco Zoo last Christmas. Really, who can forget it? It was a huge story nationally and it isn’t going away.

There is no doubt in my mind that the incident was caused when three juvenile delinquents (or maybe just two and a tag along) taunted the tiger and caused the whole affair. Evidence in the civil case will prove this, I am certain. Whatever... Read More

Videos of bloody bodies and Mexican drug trafficking had flooded YouTube, is the new way the cartels use to communicate and post "the news".

You Will find all kind of information names, places, who they killed and who are they going to kill, which police corporation are in the payroll and so much more.

Critics say the police has been slow to recognize the Internet as a source of clues "imagine, if you are a police, you can find gold here on this site".Yea police are looking into these sites very closely, but they are not looking for clues, no they are looking at "the black list",... Read More

Teresa Mendoza was the Queen of the South, in Spain, Mexican born she grow up in Culiacan between Lords and Kings of the dark Mexican Royalty.

Sandra Avila Beltran Lived in a world of luxury and power, accompannied by the barons of drug trafficking.

Few Mexicans woman had starring in the drug-trafficking operations, but no woman has exercised leadership as the niece of capo Miguel Angle Felix Gallardo.

Precisely because of her activities, her contacts and influence in the world of drugs, this woman who dominated the maritime area from Colombia to the United States from... Read More

Buenos Aires - First Lady Christina Fernandez, the 54 year old wife of President Nestor Kirchner, is poised to assume the role of President of Argentina after initial election results have come in at nearly 44 percent in her favor.

Fernandez is a lawyer and senator whose husband has lead a remarkable recovery since Argentina's economic crisis in 2001. She will become the first female elected to the presidency of the country.

The news suggests a further shift in a rising global trend toward matriarchy, as nations have been increasingly supportive of women as presidential leaders.... Read More

Now that he's played a huge part in bringing down Don Imus, Al Sharpton needs to start making some apologies of his own to the Duke University lacrosse players who were exonerated of rape charges this week. Sharpton pre-judged these poor guys and found a second career slamming them incessantly in the media and now he has to be held responsible for his racist remarks. Sharpton called the players "rich white boys" and announced to the world that they were guilty before any evidence was presented in court. As far as Al was concerned, they were guilty until proven innocent. It was just another... Read More

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