Friday, February 22, 2019

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The terror was caused in the morning of Monday; that is yesterday. Kenya's police chief said investigations had shown no links with the Somali militant group al-Shabab. This has happened a week after Kenya sent troops to Somalia to track down members of the group, which Nairobi blames for several kidnappings. Al-Shabab threatened reprisals if the troops did not leave Somalia.

It is believed that Al Shabab is an Islamist group related to Al-Qaeda. It controls much of southern and central Somalia and has denied carrying out any abductions. We will remember that in last December three... Read More

After the great event of soccer game in South Africa, today the country is under the heat of thousands of people pushing on streets. Such nationwide strike involves government workers who are strongly committed to bring the government to an effective standstill. The reason is that workers are claiming for higher wages.

All levels of public services have been involved, which has hampered the normal running of daily activities within different areas. Clerks, teachers, nurses, immigration and home affairs officers have walked out on their respective posts. This situation has brought almost... Read More

An American lawyer, by the name of Peter Erlinder, is 62 years old. He came to Rwanda to help with the legal defense of opposition leader Victoire Ingabire. Ingabire, a female Hutu who wants to run for presidency this during the August 9 elections. She is ready to face incumbent President Kagame. The problem with this plan is that she is in legal trouble.

She was arrested in April and charged with promoting a genocidal ideology. She was freed on bail but her passport was seized and she cannot leave Kigali. She is required to report at the court on a monthly basis until her case is closed.... Read More

The Congolese refugees living in the neighboring country Rwanda and those from Rwanda living in Congo will be voluntarily repatriated to their respective countries in conformity with the international norms established by the HCR. This is the outcome of the agreement signed between Rwanda, Congo and HCR on Wednesday, 17 February 2010 in Kigali by the abovementioned parties. This is a great step ahead toward peace in this region.

These refugees left their respective countries due to the war of genocide in Rwanda that swept away approximately 800 000 people in 1994. After this period the... Read More

The Eastern part of the DRC, particularly the South-Kivu province engorges a lot of minerals like gold, coltan, etc. The latter is extracted by artisanal mine diggers who use rudimentary tools. Coltan is then processed by companies in Europe and Asia. It is a crucial component for making capacitors that produce good energy in mobile telephones, laptops computers and other numerous devices that are used worldwide in different domains.There are restrictions on acquiring coltan from areas in conflict in the Congo. Many armed groups fund their operations from coltan.

Presently, dealers need... Read More

PAFF-Celebrating Our Rich African Heritage Globally in Cinema

Los Angeles-February is my favorite month of the year. I enjoy it because the marketing people promote love on Valentine’s Day so that you can show your spouse and/or significant other how much you love him or her with flowers, candy, jewelry, dinner’s etc.etc. What happens during the other 364 days of the year?

I also enjoy February due to the fact that it is Black History Month, when we celebrate the achievements of African Americans during the shortest month of the year. Our history is relevant 365 days of the... Read More

One African Leader who has been an item of interest in the news is Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe.

It is understandable that all of us human beings seek to attain ‘independence,’ more often than not co-dependency is seen as a sign of weakness and a state that entertains exploitation. So when President Mugabe of Zimbabwe started facing opposition after the 2005 parliamentary election saw his party achieve victory, his reactions weren’t surprising. Mugabe had outbursts that involved intimidation of white farmers and eventually the people of Zimbabwe who opposed his tenure. Headship of... Read More

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