Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Content harvesting – also known as content scraping – is done when thieves steal your content via the internet. They will extract the data on your website using computer programs known as robots, spiders, or crawlers. In order to do this, thieves will generally use the Hyper Transfer Protocol, which helps them extract data. On the bright side, there are strategies and techniques you can employ to prevent from getting scraped or harvested.

The Art of Content Harvesting

From time-to-time, you may have copied a text from some website to share with a friend, or to repost on a social... Read More

By simply having a Facebook and/or a Twitter account doesn’t mean you’re already a techie. And although almost every household has internet and PC installed, there are still a lot of people who gets confused with cyber terms that are seen online, especially for a beginner to understand the importance and basic know-how of having internet security. So, for someone that doesn’t have any educational background on Information Technology, here are some few pointers you can use.

Cyber Protection:

Our parents taught us not to trust strangers, and the same thing goes in the cyber world.... Read More

Different techniques are available for identifying the user’s location. Generally, WIFI or IP based positioning techniques are used by a desktop browser while GPS, A-GPS, WIFI based positioning techniques are used by mobile browsers.

For identifying the user’s exact location, the Geolocation API will use only one of above mentioned techniques. The user’s privacy is protected by the Geolocation API by authorizing that the user permission should be wanted and got before sending the location information of the user to any other website. So, it is recommended to users to prompt by... Read More

More than 75% of Twitter users are using hashtags in their tweets, do you know why? It is one of the most popular marketing strategies to promote your products/services among people. However, there are many different ways to use twitter, the most important thing is how and why to use it. This post is all about using hashtags with proper guideline. Before proceeding with guidelines, let’s understand what actually Hashtag is.

Hashtag is “#” sign that used along with topics and keywords for tracking conversation around the topics. For example, you are searching for #socialmedia in Twitter;... Read More

Pos Software has complex favorable position leveraged on a business that they serve. No doubt, numerous retailers have credited a stake of their business victory to their Pos frameworks. One flick of the catch and a purpose of bargain programming will bravely practice and show numerous parts, occupations and callings immediately. Pos programming has been likewise credited to establishing healthier business representative relationships, in addition to those between the workers and the clients as well.

The point when Pos Software programming renders such an upper hand to the industrialist,... Read More

Sikorsky promises eight Sea King replacements by year’s end, but the entire program is already five years behind schedule and counting

“Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. is still telling investors it will deliver eight Sea King replacements to the Canadian government by the end of December.

In its third-quarter conference call last week, the Stratford, Conn., company said six fully assembled and flight-tested CH-148 Cyclone helicopters are at its facility in Plattsburgh, N.Y.

This is on top of four choppers the Canadian government is flight-testing in Shearwater. Seven more are being... Read More

Retail business owners need some form of cash management system to carry out their daily cash or debit/credit transactions. The two most commonly used cash management systems are the electronic cash registers and the modern computerized point of sale system (POS). Both these systems have their own advantages, and many retail merchants have either of these two cash management systems in their retail stores.

Cash registers are suitable for small businesses where more advanced features are not required. Cash registers help in storing money in a safe and secure manner. One of the main reasons... Read More

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