Monday, February 18, 2019

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Excellent response from the Indian academic and scientific community has been garnered by ‘Excellence on Tour’ Road Show, hence making it extremely successful. It is held at Science City grounds in Kolkata from 22nd March, and has seen more than 4000 visitors already. Organized by the German House for Research and Innovation also known as Deutsches Wissenschafts- und InnovationsHaus (DWIH) in association with the Consulate General of Federal Republic of Germany in Kolkata and the Goethe Institut (Max Mueller Bhavan), the event will continue till 28th March 2014.

Emninent Judges gracing... Read More

Irrespective of their location, people across the world use medical services. With better awareness and availability of medical facilities and information, people travel to foreign lands for medical treatment. Irrespective of geographical barriers, the medical fraternity is sharing information to benefit mankind. However, cultural and linguistic barriers may lead to medical information being misinterpreted. This could result in posing a potential threat to people’s lives.

Overcoming language and cultural barriers is extremely important and when the domain in question is medical science,... Read More

Those software developers, who are creating the best codes, are the most successful person. However, if we are looking at the perfect world, success depends on how one can work with people to get their job done. From purchasing refrigerator from to chat with buddies in a Facebook, everything can accomplish through HTTP that managed by software developer.

HTTP is a protocol behind the WWW. enables a web server from a datacenter to transfer information to personal computers, where people can read web page, describing essential information. In this post, we are going to... Read More

Most of organizations do rely on it gain competitive edge over their competitors in the market. Digital signage is considered as one of the most amazing and creative innovation introduced with latest advancements. Many sectors of the market have benefitted a lot from it, and they have reshaped marketing and advertising strategies in most advanced ways. In this article we have explained the importance of digital signage in today’s world.

Digital Signage is best for Advertisement /Marketing

Advertisement and Marketing has always been important part of any successful organization... Read More

Teachers teaching online courses often find that their students have a hard time connecting to their courses, learning in the detached setting of their home as they do. You need to anticipate these difficulties and creatively offer your students ways to feel a better connection to their courses.

Use video to help your students

Recorded films and video are considered an important part of effective teaching. This is why schools routinely invested in video and projection equipment long before these items became affordable. The only reason tight school budgets are allowed to make... Read More

Wouldn't it be nice to ride in style while still saving money on fuel and contributing to a cleaner environment? With Mercedes hybrid vehicles, you can do just that. While Mercedes doesn't offer a wide range of hybrids, they have successfully combined their reputation for luxury with an ecological image in several instances. Think you can see yourself showing off in a Mercedes hybrid? Consider one of these amazing vehicles.

Mercedes-Benz E400 Hybrid

The Mercedes-Benz E400 hybrid is the one Mercedes hybrid vehicle in the 2014 lineup. The vehicle boasts an eco start and stop system, a... Read More

The words "security, safety and visibility" are three words that highlight the theme that encompasses everything at the core of the mining world. The past year or two has presented horrific and tragic stories concerning mining accidents. These stories serve as a reminder of just how dangerous the industry is. The aforementioned three words are constantly on the minds of mining workers as they engage their jobs each day.

Equipment manufacturers that supply the mining industry are consistently looking for ways to improve the environment of miners -- increasing the level of safety and... Read More

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