Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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The NFL plays a preseason game abroad once a year. In the 2007 season, the Miami Dolphins and New York Giants will square off in London's Wembley Stadium, the first NFL regular season game abroad; it sold 40,000 tickets in the first 90 minutes after ticket sales began last week. That same day, Duke University announced that it is looking at playing the University of Alabama in the Georgia Dome in 2010, the second game of a home-and-home series that began in 2006 when the Blue Devils traveled to Tuscaloosa in one of the Crimson Tide's few wins last season. Duke and Alabama share a common heritage:... Read More
At 100, Rollie Stiles is the oldest living former major league player. He is one of only five people left on the planet who either played with or against Babe Ruth. He pitched for Oklahoma State University and played for almost ten years in the minors and majors. He was a middle reliever, a spot starter and an occasional closer for the St. Louis Browns in ’30, ’31 and ’33. His career won-loss record was 9-14. He completed 9 games, threw one shutout and gave up 16 home runs (including one controversial HR to the mighty Babe that he says may not have happened, although he can’t be sure.)... Read More
By Jane
I’m not what anyone would call a sports fan. I’ve never understood the thrill of seeing people you’ve never met win something that doesn’t affect anything. But I’ve been trying. And if I have to follow a sport, however vaguely, I’ll choose baseball. I would rather go to a live game than watch one on TV because I’ll take any excuse to get drunk, eat crappy overpriced food and shout obscenities en masse. (Don’t try that at an airport or inside a movie theater.) Up until a few years ago, I cheered for New York City. Mets or Yankees, it didn’t matter. Go New York! Over... Read More
The Phoenix Suns' 12-1 run to end Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals gave them a 104-98 victory Monday night that evened the series with the San Antonio Spurs. But, the big news of the evening was what Robert Horry did late in the fourth quarter. As Steve Nash started to bring the ball up the court after Manu Ginobili missed the Spurs' fourth straight shot, San Antonio's Robert Horry hit him with a forearm that knocked him into the scorers' table and had players from both teams rushing to the scene. Phoenix's Raja Bell tried to get at Horry, as did Nash after he jumped to his feet.... Read More
I met Kathy, the daughter of Dick Williams, at KFOG’s KABOOM in San Francisco several years ago. When I learned who her dad was, I started to try and talk baseball with her, and although she was really nice about it, I could tell she wasn’t a huge baseball fan. A few months later, I persuaded her to give me her father’s phone number at his house in Henderson, NV. I could tell why some reporters found him tough to talk to. I asked him several questions that he thought were stupid and he had no problem telling me so. Dick Williams was a player and manager in the major leagues for a total... Read More
By V
Clink, slap, clink, slap, clink, clink, clink, slap, slap, slap, slap, clink. It's like a far-off kinder garden class indulging in a free percussion period. But this cacophony of rope slapping hollow metal and the dull squeak of the slacking and tensing of tethers between wooden boat and wooden slip, is as welcome as the radiant sun. I am sailing on a boat with no name and this fact bothers me more than it should. As we motor out of the marina, the open sea looks ominous despite a confident sun. Suddenly we have company. Three sea kayaks sidle up along side us before dropping back to trail closely... Read More
Ashley Judd, a native daughter of Kentucky, dependably attends the Kentucky Derby as one of many celebrities who satisfy the stargazing needs of hardcore and casual racing fans alike. This year, Judd and others will be upstaged by actual royalty: Queen Elizabeth II. As part of a six-day trip to the United States that included visits to Colonial Williamsburg and Washington, D.C., the Queen and her husband, Prince Philip, will attend the 133rd running of the Derby. The staff at Churchill Downs, the legendary racetrack that hosts the Derby, has gone to great lengths to accommodate perhaps... Read More

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