Sunday, February 17, 2019

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Ernie Broglio played eight years in the big leagues, starting with the St. Louis Cardinals in 1959 at age 23. He went 7-12 that year – not bad for a rookie – and became a fixture in the team’s rotation for the next four years, winning 70 games and losing 55 overall for the Cardinals. His finest year was 1960, when Broglio went 21-9 with a 2.74 ERA, 2nd best in the National league, behind only Mike McCormick of San Francisco. He finished third in Cy Young voting that year (behind only Vern Law and Warren Spahn) and 4th in strikeouts behind a trio of LA Dodgers (Koufax, Drysdale and Stan Williams).... Read More
Bound for glory and success the champ of the bay area lives and fights like a fighter in love with the ring. Like a machine running on nothing but blood and sweat dripping from his body, he feeds of the sounds of echoing roars of cheering. Before you know it his opponent which in one instant stood toe tom toe with him is now down, face first onto the cold rough canvas with only minutes into the second round. Above his opponent the champ looks down with nothing more than a glare of intimidation and relief. Truly this was pound for pound one of the greatest fighters to ever walk the ring. Jose... Read More
Mark Harris, the famous baseball novelist, died earlier this week. He was a great writer and a true student of the game. I came into contact with Mark through my membership with The Society for American Baseball Research (SABR - His most famous book was “Bang the Drum Slowly,” which was later made into a wonderful film starring Robert De Niro. Here is his obit. The man will be greatly missed. Mark Harris, author of the acclaimed baseball novel "Bang the Drum Slowly," which he adapted for the 1973 movie starring Michael Moriarty and Robert De Niro, has died. He was 84. Harris,... Read More
Jesse Gonder died on November 14, 2004 in Oakland, California at the age of 68. Although his role in MLB was basically that of a journeyman catcher, Gonder found relative success in 1963 and ‘64 as the starting backstop for that hapless new gang of lovable dolts known as the New York Mets. After having started the ’63 season with the Cincinnati Reds, Gonder was shipped off to the Mets, where he hit .302. In 1964, he batted .270 in 131 games. Having begun his career with the New York Yankees in 1960, Gonder became one of the first players to play for both the Yankees and the Mets during... Read More
The NBA's 2007 draft lottery occurred on May 22nd and determined the order of selection of the top 14 picks in the upcoming draft that will take place on Thursday, June 28th in New York City. This year's lottery was bound to be particularly impactful due to the depth and star potential of the 2007 draft class (brought about, in part, by the fact that the new draft eligibility age limit began to be imposed in 2006, effectively adding additional prospects to the 2007 draft). The consensus top two draft picks this year are highly coveted and likely superstar big men Greg Oden and Kevin Durant. As... Read More
Last night we witnessed the complete and total meltdown of a relief pitcher. Armando Benitez, the controversial, unpredictable closer for the San Francisco Giants blew a game in a fashion so embarrassing that it hurt to watch. It reminded me of all the other horrible meltdowns in sports history, like the 1951 Brooklyn Dodgers; the Buffalo Bills in the Super Bowl and Greg Norman in big golf tournaments. If Benitez can bounce back after such a devastating collapse, God bless him. But, I wouldn’t be surprised at all if his decline rapidly gains momentum from this point on. With the Giants leading... Read More
Gus Triandos was a very decent catcher during the 50’s and 60’s. He hit 167 career homers, and although he was not fleet of foot (he stole one base and holds the record for most consecutive games played without being thrown out attempting to steal: 1,206), Triandos had a great arm and was known as one of the top-fielding backstops in the league throughout his years with five major league teams. He now lives in San Jose, California and runs a postal company. He was wearing a neck brace the morning I met him, the result of a recent car accident. Gus was a part of a lot of baseball history. A... Read More

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