Friday, February 22, 2019

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It looks like the NFL has a battle going on in the AFC west, and it wont be over till the final week of the season. It’s been a tight race to the top of the division and it seems that neither of the teams are giving ground. A division that’s been somewhat predictable these past several years; suddenly has started to take on a new shape. The former AFL West franchises have been dominated primarily by the San Diego Chargers, who back in 1964 won the AFL Championship after a land slide victory over the then Boston Patriots. A team that once spent one season in Los Angeles was put in AFC WEST division... Read More

Now that the season of football maximus is in full swing, I thought I’d tell you a tale of woe, death (almost) and misery that happened not long ago in the arena of the gridus maximus.

It’s a true story (mostly)…Well, OK, it’s 100% true.

For you see, I remember a yon year gone by, when two mighty armies did grabble upon the iron grid. Two mighty armies did toil and battle that day, for a gleaming ring and a championship did lay ahead. They fought upon an iron grid in the Eastern lands, two mighty armies that day, one of blue and white (boo, boo, boo), one of the black and silver... Read More

The Permian Panthers enter the playoff picture for the first time since 2009. They are coming off the demoralizing loss to the Abilene Eagles 42-14, which was the game for the Regional Title. This week they come up against the Arlington Bowie Volunteers, who have sat at or around the Top 25 ranked teams in Texas High School Footy this year. In the Division 1, Region 1 rankings Bowie are ranked at 8, ahead of the Panthers at 10. The biggest things the Panthers must do this week is improve their defence. They have been known to score, but their defence can be sketchy, although there... Read More

It's been hard to see the Irish play well at times and then find ways to lose games. After the end of last year, it looked like we were on our way. Winning the last five (5) games while giving few points was like a watershed moment. No longer were we just a good offensive team, but we looked good on defense. Coach Kelly went out and recruited a good defensive class. It looked like things were coming together.But, the first two games of the year, were all but wins.I know it was hard for some ND fans to watch the USF game. I couldn't believe how poorly we played in the first half. I kept reminding... Read More

Well, all of my teams are now out of the playoffs. After having absolutely outstanding seasons, two of the best in the NFL, the Falcons and Patriots are both eliminated on their first game of the playoffs. It was beyond disappointing to say the least. Now, I am left with 4 teams in the championship round and none of them are teams I want to cheer for.

The Packers are the team that put my Falcons out of the playoffs. I've never been a Packers fan as they are direct competition for my team. I admire Aaron Rogers and think he's one of the best QBs in the game. But I just can't see... Read More

Just about everything - for the Falcons that is. They did every possible thing wrong that a team can do. While the Packers played very well, they had help from the Falcons to win the game, and lots of it. After a winning season, a 1st place post season seed, the Falcons come out of the playoffs beaten down by the Packers to the tune of 48 to 21.

The Falcons had the week bye and some people will put the loss on the fact that they were "rusty." That's just not the case. Any team that gets to the playoffs is not going to be rusty if they have the first week bye. They aren't sitting... Read More

Cam Newton you've just won the National Championship what are you going to do now? I'm going into the NFL draft. Well of course he is, there's little reason for him to wait and some good ones for him to go now. A lot of NFL teams need a QB, but how high will he be drafted and how long will it take for him to be an NFL ready QB?

Newton is smart to go into the draft now. Before all the information about his "pay for play" story comes out, and come out it will. It may take months, it may take years, but it will come out. Go in now while his performance on the field this season is fresh... Read More

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