Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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Just like soccer and cricket, basketball makes another famous game played and followed almost in every country of the world. Basketball is a game of tactics, skills and lot of reflexes to plan a basket. The intensity of the game can be seen in a basketball court where six members from each team chase a ball to dip and basket.

With so many mobile gaming apps, even sport like basketball has found its space in your handheld device. Android game developers have developed plenty of cool basketball games that you must try if you are a die-hard basketball fan or can’t pass your time between... Read More

If you go out to buy the basketball hoop, there is a huge variety available. Therefore, making the right choice can be highly tricky. There are times when people do not know what they want and at the end, they pick something that is totally opposite to what they should have bought. Therefore, you need to know about the considerable factors that will allow you to make the right choice. Below are certain things that you should keep your eyes at while buying the best portable basketball hoop.

Room for the base First of all, think about the room that you have for the base, starting from... Read More

The message was sufficiently straightforward, aside from that Jason Kidd's Bucks, looking to end an eight-diversion playoff losing streak, appeared to be as though they had no plans for holding up. The Bucks, prodded by their excitedly rambunctious fans, whiffed on two different opportunities to win, first toward the end of regulation on a missed 3-point endeavour and afterward toward the end of the first additional time session on an errant O.J. Mayo jumper.

By that point, dragging the harm baffled Bulls to a second additional time, Jimmy Butler and Derrick Rose had enough. Butler,... Read More

For Miami, LeBron and his team were expected to win and win they did. LeBron and his supporting crew played one of their best games of the entire post-season. Anything less for the Miami Heat though would have been considered failure.

In a hard fought battle between two heavy weights, the Heat were able to take down the "never give up" San Antonio Spurs in a series that featured one of the best games in NBA Final's history. For the Spurs last night's defeat was perhaps more bitter than any other, as their Game 6 heart-breaker was likely front and center on all their minds - though... Read More

The San Antonio Spurs, a team that arguably has more experience than any other, gave away a championship last night. They were ahead by 5 points against the Miami Heat with 24 seconds to play. They then proceeded to allow the Miami Heat to score two, three point shots, while only scoring one free throw themselves, in the waning seconds of the game, to force an overtime loss.

If San Antonio doesn't win Game 7 on Thursday night their failure to close out the Miami Heat will likely go down as one of the biggest choke's in NBA history.

Why do I say that? Because of what they will... Read More

The San Antonio Spurs beat Miami Heat in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Finals after trailing most of the game. The Spurs as they have done for most of their time under Coach Pop played a solid and strategic game to win and went on to take control of the game in the remaining minutes.

Who will win the 2013 NBA Finals? The challenge for Miami is they are playing a well organized machine and LeBron James is one player, albeit the best in the the NBA.

Will the Heat come back, the same way they have done many time previously? The Heat lost three previous Game 1 playoff matchups yet each... Read More

Los Angeles honored Lakers Legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Los Angeles-The weekend of November 16-17,2012 belong to Los Angeles Lakers legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.The legend litterally hovered over the city during the statue unveiling ceremony in Chick Hearn Plaza on Friday.

Saturday,former teammates and celebrities attended the first "Roast" of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in the Gold Ballroom of JW Marriott L.A.Live.Multi-talented entertainer George Lopez hosted the event with several hundred guest in attendance.

The "Roast" benefitted Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's Skyhook Foundation.The Skyhook... Read More

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The San Antonio Spurs are America's Team

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Lakers legend Kareem Abdul Jabbar Honored in Los Angeles

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