Sunday, February 17, 2019

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We've called him "The Freak," and we've called him the best, however one way that San Francisco Giants pitcher Tim Lincecum has never been described is as human.

After starting the 2010 season with a 4-0 record in five starts, posting a 1.27 ERA, the Giants ace seemed to fall off a bit in the month of May.

Lincecum went just 1-2 in six starts in May, allowing a combined 20 runs in 36.1 innings pitched, giving him an inflated 4.95 ERA. This comes not too long after the righty allowed a mere five runs in 35.1 inning pitched a month prior.

"You have your ups and downs during... Read More

Galileo High School's baseball squad was invited to a big party it hadn’t attended for 32 years. And although the surprising team left the bash without celebration, the Lions made things tough for Oakland Tech, the eventual victor of the San Francisco-Oakland best-of-three Transbay Series.

The fact that Galileo got into the Transbay Series at all represented an amazing comeback from a team that battled back all season long. When Erik Wilson hit an RBI single in the bottom of the seventh inning to give Galileo a 5-4 victory over Washington in the San Francisco Section title game at AT&T... Read More

For a team that represents a school with what seems to be an infinite number of stairs, it's only right to say that the Renegades took each and every step towards a championship in 2010.It wasn't close to a perfect season by any means, however, the saying does go "It's not how you start, but how you finish."What was looked at in the fall as a young, and maybe questionable pitching rotation and an experienced and dominant lineup with a young, second-year head coach, became an all-around dominant team once the spring came about.We wanted to compare them to the 2009 squad that won a school-record... Read More

NATIONAL LEAGUE EAST: The Most Talented Division

ESPN’s simulation machine projected the Washington Nationals having a 1% chance of winning the hotly contest and vastly talented National League East – that is 1% more than the odds they gave the Florida Marlins of winning. This is why technology is unreliable: the Marlins are primed for a division title.

This declaration should not be shocking in the slightest. How soon we forget that the Marlins finished a mere six games back in the division that ultimately produced the National League pennant winner. Had their expansion mates... Read More

I sat down at Lefty O’Doul’s restaurant in San Francisco the other day, ordered an O’Doul’s and sat down to interview Tom O’Doul, Lefty’s cousin. Is that triple déjà vu or what? Today would have been Lefty’s 113th birthday. So, hoist a brew in Lefty’s name, because somewhere up in heaven he’s hitting in the high .300’s and having a great time.

Benefits of a famous cousin: “I didn’t really know who Lefty O’Doul was until I started playing baseball in Little League. Until then, he was just my cousin. When I started playing ball, he started coming around more. One story I love to relate... Read More

“The 1949 U.S. Goodwill Baseball Tour of Japan” is currently a display at the Society of California Pioneers museum at 300 4th Street (at Folsom) in San Francisco. It runs through Spring. Call (415) 957-1849 for more information. If you’re a fan of baseball history, this is a must-see, featuring more than 250 items from this historical tour.

I am fascinated by the long history of baseball in San Francisco. Next month, the City By the Bay will celebrate 150 years of baseball in the Bay Area.

Lefty O’Doul was a fascinating guy. He’s the second-greatest player from the area,... Read More

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In the early years of professional baseball, right-handed pitcher Ed Walsh of the Chicago White Sox dominated batters with his spitball. By smothering one side of the ball with saliva, petroleum jelly, or any... Read More

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