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In time the boy grew.

Actually, the boy grew to be a rebellious little devil in his teenage years. He was everyone’s pain in the bumblebee and people either loved him or hated him. Some people - actually, come to think about it - most people in the neighbourhood, crossed the road to avoid him.

He was always drinking, getting into trouble, and staying out late at night. Just being a nuisance in the neighbourhood. He had a bad name, come to think of it. Scrumping apples moved into stealing milk bottle from neighbour’s doorsteps and then using his catapult... Read More

Once Upon A Time


Some Years Ago

A Divided City

Once upon a time, there was a man who lived by the side of a river.

Tick ...

One day he drove to work in his car.

Tock ...

He took the same route to work every day.

Tick ...

Within the car, there was a clock.

Tock ...

But he could not hear the clock

Tick ...

Affixed beneath the car and secured by a metallic lock.

Tock ...

When one of the hands of the clock

Tick ...

Made contact with the firing pin, a flash from a battery... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Four

The parking lot of Ralph’s grocery store on East Compton was filled almost to capacity. Parking spots were scarce and Leo had to drive around several times before he found a spot. Getting out of his car, he pressed the remote, locking it. He would come back for it later. There were lots of late-model cars in the lot but not that many of them were black. He didn’t think it would be too hard to find the car. Leo tried to be as inconspicuous in his search as he possibly could... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Three

The huge property had been an all-but-forgotten parcel of land in Benedict Canyon when Leo’s father, Karl Bauer, had purchased it for next to nothing from a California land baron who’d lost most of his fortune when the market crashed in the late twenties.Leo suspected that the selling feature for his father had been the huge underground bunker under the canyon; the previous owner’s brainchild, who had been a paranoid recluse and had it built after the Japanese bombed Pearl... Read More


Hello good people, Nifty Nev. I've been selling property and unreal estate for nigh on since i was knee high to a money jar in a bank i stole to buy my first single story Dollhouse. The jar lid had been left ajar. By me...nifty little shifty eh! The money was destined for a get together of bank managers...a repository of repose for the big money boys. An appreciation/donation of sorts from you suckers? Like to sum up the label on the jar which read."Please give what you can or can't, every dollar to go to help a banker in greed...the... Read More

"I'm with many many friends doc..." RIGINAL.

Sat alone unafraid. No next of kin or close friend to hold his frail shaking smoke- stained blotched wafer- thin skinned hand.Stooped in the chair way past care."You've got cancer." "Knew that doc,knew that." Coughed into a stained blood glued hankie well past its wash by date.A red blotched map of death streaked globule clumped imprints. A dry wet map of impending death. No buried treasure,no beginning,just an end. "We'll start treatment immediately..." the doctor's voice trailed off he steadied the frail figure as the shabby man lurched... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.


Today Leo had finally hit pay dirt when he caught sight of Maria during a quick errand to the Hollywood & Highland Center. Forgetting about his errand, he immediately fell in step behind her, following at an unobtrusive distance. Not that it really mattered. She took no notice of anything or anyone around her. He’d popped into one of the stores and bought the first thing he came across while she stood outside Johnny Rockets, cackling like a lunatic as the disco ball was lowered... Read More

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