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Until fairly recently, the debut of a much-advertised television show or mini-series on television pretty much guaranteed high ratings for the network airing the event. An example of this is THE THORN BIRDS, a 1977 best-selling novel by Colleen McCullough.It was adapted into a mini-series in 1983 and, thanks to much pre-air hype, it became the second highest-rated miniseries of all time, second only to the miniseries, ROOTS, based on the 1976 bestseller by Alex Haley. Nowadays, however, a much-hyped television show doesn’t have the same impact because viewers simply have too many shows to... Read More

LOVE.SEX. GET DOWN ON YOUR SNEEZE MEN.RIGINAL. LOVE! what is it or in fact- is it at all? It certainly isn't the end result of groan versus moan of truncating sexual relief, brief frictional climaxicational jousting between one another for a brief orgasmystical spirited debriefing?...or is it? Should i put sex in the too hard basket or should the basket be used at all in preference to a plumped pillow and baited box of musical chocolates singing "swing lower sweet chariot?" Would you rather in a form of sexual freedom expression weave AROUND the basket with Cain or has Cain been overly caned... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Seven

It had taken Leo weeks to find Maria again after he’d lost her going down the embankment. He had eventually found the squatter’s slum underneath the freeway overpass but she hadn’t been there. And then today, during his daily drive along Hollywood Boulevard, he’d finally spotted her and managed to tail her here. But the fact that Maria had come here, to her biological mother’s house, hit home the fact that Maria was a loose cannon who had the ability to destroy him – better... Read More

Snap Shot


‘Okay, okay, that’s fine. Now a nice smile, darling.’

‘Yes, that’s wonderful. I’ve got you in focus and I just need to twiddle these switches and …. Nearly there, darling.’

‘Oh dear, that’s not what I wanted at all. No, not at all. Look, if you just step over to your left, I’ll get you full on with the sun in your hair and the wind blowing your golden locks out towards sea. My goodness, what a snapshot that will be…’

‘Yes, just left a little…’

‘Right a bit…. Yes, towards where you were before.’

‘That’s better, darling… Yes, indeed.... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Six

That first visit led to another which led to another until Leo got to seeing her once a week. Maria was like a drug he couldn’t get enough of. He needed to have his weekly fix of her in order to function. Leo never told anyone of his visits, not his mother or his wife. They wouldn’t have understood. He wasn’t all that sure even he understood.

There was such a sweetness to Maria’s demeanor, such an innocence, accentuated by the halo of blonde hair that framed her lovely... Read More

The Homeless


When the people had gone from the streets, there was no-one standing around idly watching anymore. There were no more bystanders standing chatting about events or taking photographs for posterity. No more irrelevant gossiping between the short scenes of excitement.

When the sun eventually slipped from the sky and allowed the night clouds to sneak into town, there was no-one standing sporting a naked torso taking the warmth from the air. There was nothing more to take and the warmth of the fire had gone.

Where they’d joked about having... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Five

It hurt when she walked. Her stomach hurt, too.Stopping, Maria surveyed her surroundings. She did not notice the black car that had quickly slid behind another parked car. She only saw that the pole across the street had the twisted blue sign. Looking down at the sidewalk, she saw that the last slab, right before the sidewalk ended, had all four corners missing. Maria still had a long way to go.

Recognizing the turret of the castle up ahead, Maria left the sidewalk... Read More

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