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Bell, Book and Candle - An Extract

Chapter One


Southport, Merseyside. Yesterday

Bordering the Irish Sea, Bob Bainbridge patrolled the Coastal Road linking Ainsdale with Southport. His floppy ginger hair stopped well short of his broad shoulders and seemed to strangely compliment the crooked nose dominating his face. A former Royal Marine Commando, lean and mean, Bob was a fairly new addition to Merseyside Constabulary’s finest. But he was no stranger to callous streets and violent unforgiving conflict.

Glancing at the mirrored serenity of the Irish Sea nestling... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Ten

Someone was pounding on his front door and Leo’s heart automatically clutched in fear. His housekeeper had the day off and there was no one to answer the door. His first instinct was to hide yet he remained rooted to the spot. As the minutes wore on, the pounding became more insistent.

“I know you’re home,” his brother yelled from the other side of the door. “Now open up!”

Stifling an oath, Leo went and answered it. “I don’t remember inviting you to my home.”

... Read More

From the opening pages of #3 in the stand alone Boyd quadrilogy. A necessarily historic and lengthy start as we lay down the premise of the story....

The Legacy of the Ninth


~ ~ ~

David’s Story:

Dateline: AD 73: The Negev Desert.

Desert sands caressed the earth, whispered in silence, conspired together, and then shifted endlessly in the cool breeze of a dying night. Gradually, dawn broke over the countless dunes that forever changed the Negev landscape while desert creatures scurried to their hidden lairs to escape the rising sun. Lazily, almost... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Nine

Leo hadn’t spoken to, or laid eyes on, his brother in a long time and was surprised at how fat he’d gotten. Irving was now head of Reinhardt Studios, one of the most powerful men in Hollywood, and although he cut an impressive figure in the studio’s boardroom, Irving was clearly ill-dressed for the beach as he waded through the sand in his Gucci loafers.

Leo had no interest in pleasantries and got straight to the point. “What do you want?” he asked coldly.... Read More



The whiteboard briefing was midway through when the boss began to issue the operational orders and direct people to the photographs at the rear of the pile. There was a rustle of paper as they leafed through and began studying the images.

‘Team Six, number six is your target,’ declared the boss. ‘Surprisingly, his image is on photograph number six.’

A soft chuckle rippled through the room. The boss was generally regarded as a quiet man and a good boss. Well respected, he was a popular leader of the police unit.

Chair legs squeaked... Read More


Sir Arthur Conan Doyle was a friend of a friend, deer Watson. Not everyone knows how Watson near died. You see these are little known facts,it's up to you whether you want to read on but i know you will because it's a bit like the eclipse. Everyone is told not to look directly at it as you could go blind. Everyone says they didn't. They jump into their cars to drive home,instead they drive off the top of the hillside from whence they 'didn't' watch? Human nature?

Watson was a bit like that. Sherlock and he used to go deer hunting in between catching... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.

Chapter Eight

There would be no way the police could connect him to the car. Leo had been careful and had worn latex gloves. His face had been obscured by an old baseball cap and he had painstakingly wiped and vacuumed every visible surface before he’d abandoned the vehicle. No, he’d certainly covered his tracks well enough and by all accounts, her death barely rated a short paragraph in the L.A. Times.

His hand visibly shook as he anxiously flipped through the Los Angeles Daily... Read More

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