Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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No more dull traditional bookstores: Traditional bookstores can be little dull at times as there are shelves of books only and nothing else but the creative mind always searches for something new therefore 8 Elgin road book store has come up with their various events making the bookstore a happening place for the book lovers.

Plenty of events: The Bookstore has already created a razzmatazz around the city for its various events which have various shades and colours. From the book lovers to the artists; all have been coming to the store to have the glimpse of the events. On the list of... Read More

About a year ago, on a Monday morning, I woke up on the moon. Naturally, I was startled.

How did I get there? I had no idea. I still have no idea. I spent the first month of my lunar exile doing nothing more than sitting on the edge of a crater wondering how it was even possible for me to suddenly appear on another world. Eventually I had to give up. It was better to accept the mysterious fickleness of existence rather than drive myself mad searching for a reasonable explanation for something totally unreasonable.

Once I dropped my rational pursuits, my mind was free to... Read More

"Hello, Mr. Underbuddy. Sorry for keeping you waiting so long."

"Dr. Dubious, what's the news? Why do you look so worried?"

"It's quite interesting, actually - from a medical science standpoint, that is. Something we've never seen before."

"What? What's wrong with me?"

"I'm not quite sure how to say it... It seems that you have something living within you - an Eye."

"An Eye? Living inside me? What's it doing there?"

"It's doing what eyes do: watching."

"Watching what?"

"Watching you, everything you do. It's watching all your thoughts,... Read More

When he was sixteen years old, Bobby Buxton fell in love with Mrs. Sizzle at a Sunday afternoon backyard cookout. Bobby had been friends with Willy Sizzle for years, and he had met his mother countless times. On this day, though, as he watched that ugly woman swallowing a hot dog and dripping mustard on her summery white blouse, he noticed something different about her. Or perhaps something in Bobby had changed. Either way, he was gripped with the feeling that Mrs. Sizzle was destined to be the woman who would usher him into manhood.

There were obstacles to his love, of course.... Read More

I once had a friend name Frankly Average. "Hello, I'm Frankly Average," he would always greet the uninterested people he met at parties. "Hello, I'm Frankly Average," he used to say to the barely-awake people waiting behind him in line at the coffee shop. Nobody ever seemed to care that he was Frankly Average, but he accepted that fact with humble courage.

One fair afternoon while I was frolicking with Jennifer in Fondler Park I saw Frankly Average sitting on a park bench, gazing long and longingly at the passing clouds. I had no choice; it was my duty to introduce them.

"Hello,... Read More

I can feel, someone is out there…It is dark and nothing is visible and I struggle my way through the chaotic conditions. There is no noise but I felt instinctively, the sob…is this an illusion…No it is not. I knew about the existence of life beyond the invisible… I hurries my pace and calls loudly;”Is anybody out here” The silence redeems back my voice to me. In the redemption of my probe the articulating instinct refuses to yield. Unyieldingly, I traverse more vigorously into the dark and calls again; “Hello! I know you are here…come on don’t worry; it’s me…I know you are there, you are scared,... Read More

Warning: Contains explicit scenes and/or language which may be offensive to some readers.


Irving Johnson’s car was spotted by a motorist on the San Diego Freeway. The motorist contacted a local news station who in turn contacted the authorities. Soon, there were several choppers in the air, faithfully videotaping Irving’s attempted exodus from the United States. The story of his brother’s death and Irving’s flight from L.A. were documented by news stations around the world and CNN’s coverage of the story was ongoing. By the time Irving Johnson was finally... Read More

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