Wednesday, February 20, 2019

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A recent article (7 June 07) in the Boston Globe caught my attention. It was picked up by the major wire services, and even funneled down to USA TODAY. A team of researchers at MIT succeeded in illuminating a light bulb, without wires, at a distance of seven feet. They have dubbed it "WiTricity". (Information abounds through search engines and the MIT website). The impact of this result will change the world as we know it; soon I think. Once venture capitalists get in on the act, once the market makers see whats going on and open it up to the public investors. Interestingly enough, the... Read More
By Jen
On April 11, 2007 the Senate passed the “Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act of 2007” where it now awaits the signature of President Bush. Similar to the bill previously vetoed by Bush, this bill outlines the standards by which human embryonic stem cell research should be conducted, and provides for the derivation of human embryonic stem cell lines from excess embryos generated for the purpose of in-vitro fertilization (IVF). IVF is the process by which donor eggs are fertilized by donor sperm in a Petri dish and allowed to develop for 3-5 days into the developmental stage known as the blastula.... Read More
You’re walking down the corridor in a building you needed your car’s GPS to find in a city you’ve never visited in your life and suddenly, it happens: you think to yourself, “I’ve been here before.” Déjà vu – that wonderful sensation that everything around you is right where it’s supposed to be and you know it is because you swear you’ve been there before. It’s a phenomenon that has plagued man since he started thinking and yet it is as big a mystery as how did the stone heads get on Easter Island? Even comedian George Carlin has given us his own spin on the phenomenon,... Read More
The FDA has proposed putting more warnings on the labels of antidepressants. This time the FDA is targeting young adults up to age 24. Their reasoning is simple; studies have shown that within the first two months of usage in those 24 and under the idea of suicide actually escalate. Drug companies have come out against this idea saying that it might deter people from taking the medicine all together. Further, they are concerned that doctor’s will stop prescribing their drugs, even for those who do not fall into the age category out of fear of being sued if a suicide does take place. This time... Read More
Reports are still sketchy and investigations are underway but one thing is clear since last summer the North American bee population has decreased by 40, 60, and even as much as 70 percent in some areas. Hundreds of millions of bees disappeared and/or died over the winter. Honey farms across the county are reporting thousands of hives decimated and not one person, farmer or scientist, can conclusively explain why. Theories are flying and speculations range from cell phone signals messing with the bees communications to each other, to a bee version of a pandemic such as Aids. Even abusive handling,... Read More
Ham Radio is Alive and Well! This might come as a surprise, but the "internet of the 1950s", Amateur Radio, is still alive and kicking. Before you start to yawn, every Bay-to-Breakers race since day one, every major civic activity involving masses of people has been monitored by the Amateur Radio Service. Amateur Radio has been responsible for health and wellfare traffic that got authorities to the scene of many catrastophies here in the Bay Area-- and beyond. In the process it has saved many lives. It is largely an unseen force but in the Bay Area there are slightly fewer than 4000 licensed... Read More

Whether it is by design, or the slow natural progression of point mutations and adaptation, the vagina has developed natural enemies whose goal is simple: to prey upon and ultimately conquer the vagina. After years of observation—the extent of which rivals the ethnographic studies of the Yanomamo of the Brazilian rain forest—I am happy to report that a conclusive list of the natural enemies of the vagina has been created, the publication of which I hope, nay pray, will inform, and through that information, prepare women everywhere to meet the threats head-on. THE VENUS FLYTRAP (ALSO KNOWN... Read More

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