Friday, February 15, 2019

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What would you do if you knew with certainty that the world would end in less than five years? I mean, not just speculation or conjecture -- but what if you really knew the exact date on which our entire civilization would cease to exist? How would it change your life?

I know what I’d do. First, I would tell my rather annoying boss to shove it (which would undoubtedly lead to my eventual termination), withdraw all of the money from my bank account and head to Europe to party and travel and just hitch hike around. I would probably make Amsterdam my headquarters, journeying from... Read More

Time Warner will possibly be the first high-speed Internet provider to switch to a totally new pricing structure.

The company is set to begin a trial run in Beaumont, TX in which it will sell high-speed Internet access in a tiered structure based on how much data is download per month.

I have a bad feeling about this. Internet access has become so cheap that companies like Time Warner are looking for new ways to increase profits.

This tiered pricing structure sounds disturbingly similar to the way cell phone minutes are priced. I don’t even use Time Warner, but... Read More

“I got the sense that people weren’t as thrilled as we were with the Macbook Air, so I spoke with John Ive (Apple’s Chief Designer) and he told me about a Black Project even I didn’t know was going on.” Indeed, the Macworld community left out a depressed sigh at the sight of the Macbook Air, hailed by the computer company as the ‘World’s Thinnest Notebook.” When Jobs noticed that they weren’t impressed, he was up to the new challenge.

“And there’s one more thing,” uttered Jobs on Tuesday during a press conference... Read More

By Lyn
Le mobile iPhone tant médiatisé depuis plusieurs mois devrait révolutionner le monde de la téléphonie mobile, dit-on. Sa sortie en France le 29 Novembre vendu par Orange qui a obtenu le contrat exclusif du dernier Apple, est un franc succès. 12 000 modèles i-phone se sont écoulées le premier jour. D'après Didier Lombard, le PDG de France Telecom, il estime en vendre 50 000 à 100 000 exemplaires d'ici la fin de cette année 2007. Le nouveau produit haut de gamme (749 euros pour un iPhone "nu") est-il une révolution technologique? Le design, l'accès internet, le juke box mp3, le stockage... Read More
The quest for fire and the curve of the wheel is among some of man’s most advent industrial realizations; they have stood as the chief instruments that have aligned the technological revolution. We have come a long way in a few years and I can’t seem to remember when it all changed. Not so long ago there was no television and very few conveniences, everybody sat around the table and earnestly listened to the radio with such intensity as if you were looking at a great movie or watching a grand play it was magical, and most mystifying to say the lease. In particular the Joe Louis and Max Schmeling's... Read More
By yael
Le début du social 2.0 est arrivé avec Netvibes vous-en souvenez-vous? On a eu ensuite la personnalisation de la page d'accueil Google puis Yahoo et les autres. Ensuite la révolution YouTube qui a finalement été si courte, que j'ai l'impression de regarder YouTube sur mon écran 101' HD depuis des siècles. En Mai 2007 Facebook voit le jour, puis Twitter et les autres plateformes sociales et depuis quelques mois je me retrouve avec une demi-douzaine de sites à visiter tous les matins, midis et soirs. Résultat 3 heures par jour minimum à passer sur les fiches de mes potes à lire des... Read More
The mobile phone seems like it is here to stay. Anyone who has graced the public transport system, the streets and even indoors knows what I am speaking about. Some people stop midway on the pavement and start giggling while making/taking a call, reading a text and or replying it. I remember my first mobile phone was an Ericsson, one of those big heavy things that you could throw down and seemed infallible but things have changed since then. I started off as one of those loud mouthed mobile phone chatters. I still explain to my friends in London that I do it only because the landline connections... Read More

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