Tuesday, February 19, 2019

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By Jen

Many of you ladies may have read, or at least heard of, the book "He's just not that into you" by Greg Behrendt. The book was touted to me as an all inclusive guide to understanding men. As I understood it, men were "quaking in their boots" in fear that all of their deceptive player games would be revealed. I opened the book with anticipation. In my hot little hands were the answers to age old questions like, "why hasn't he called me"", and it had only cost me $14.95 retail! As my eyes poured over the pages my excitement turned to disappointment. What I had in my hot little hands was... Read More

When I was right about the age that "presumably" heterosexual people begin viewing attractive members of the opposite sex as potential lifelong partners, my older sister gave me a stern piece of advice. "Don't go out with the really good looking guys," she warned, having noticed my penchant for comparing potential dates against Johnny Depp. "They can't keep it in their pants." Ten and some-odd years later, said older sister is now happily married with a beautiful child to a man who adores her to pieces, and who would never think of keeping it anywhere outside of his Dockers. And why would... Read More

Relationships have always been difficult for me...I cannot tell you how I marvel at those who seem to be able to manage them so easily,to navigate the untidy waters of dating and commitment as if born to it-endowed with some special skill conferred to some and denied others. Now truth be told I don't spend an inordinate amount time thinking about love,relationships or dating and certainty those who have been with me would of course no doubt agree-knives opened and venom on display. I don't think that I am that hard to be with (of course who does)I freely admit and own up to my flaws-after... Read More

Sex, society and the Internet. These three explosive topics have elicited a lot of conversation and controversy. Society has always had a fascination with sex. However, over the centuries the fascination has gone from closed doors to open format. What changed society's willingness to discuss and view sex in an open forum? The term Sexual Revolution was first noted in 1929, when Thurber and White used the expression in their book, Is Sex Necessary? However, some historians believe the sexual revolution actually began in the 1960s. Prior to the 1960s, society, as a whole, had a very puritanical... Read More

I was very skeptical about entering the world of online dating when I initially signed up with As a 48-year-old single male with more issues than Reader' Digest, my expectations were understandably low to start with. I've never been married, I don't have any kids and my best friend is my shrink. I decided early on that I would probably be satisfied having a relationship with someone who simply had fewer problems than I did.

I had heard both horror stories as well as wondrous tales about the online dating experience, some undoubtedly as much fiction as truth, and all of them... Read More

America is full of sexual innuendo and come hither looks. Our country will caress and undress but when it comes to the act itself we're revealed for what we are, a big tease. Don't believe me? Take a look on television and see how many commercials go by before you see the small of woman's back or the hint of wild passion -- if you just buy this deodorant, new perfume, or a nicer car. Compare this to the moral indignation when Janet Jackson went topless. A matter of only an inch or two but this territory is sacred. Sure you could watch a showering coed get decapitated during a prime-time... Read More

My name is Jaci Rae and this is my true love story. When I first began "serious" dating, everyone was supposed to be "the one." At least that's what everyone told me. 'He's the one for you.' 'When are you two going to get married?' 'Has he popped the question yet?' What many people never saw was the inner turmoil of the relationship and the way the man treated me behind the scenes. Society sees single people as sad and alone, yet whenever I was in a relationship, I was deeply lonely. However, the underlying current of feeling lonely when I was in a relationship was much less when I was single,... Read More

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