Friday, February 22, 2019

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This is not about the gold rush of 1869 or the value of gold in the market. This is a subject matter which might be a taboo or it could be worse as a curse word. If you bring it to their attention and shine the truth on them like a spotlight you might get a dirty look or a slap. Since I'm no stranger to punches it doesn't really bother me, and a little slap isn't going to hurt me.

I don't understand why these girls get offended. It's like when you call them sluts, they get mad and tear up. If you are what you are be proud and own up to it. Plain and pure F'in simple! My testosterone... Read More

Love is something that people often use in their language to communicate their emotions. Ever wondered what is love? For some it is synonymous to feel affectionate, sacrifice, sharing, giving, caring, for being there for someone you love, but what is love? Sacrifice in itself is an emotion, so is care. when I asked people to explain to answer the question "what is love?", I received the following bizarre answers;

According to Rupali- Public Relations Manager, "love is a feeling which gives butterflies in your stomach when you think about the person whom you love, she has been in and... Read More

I get some grief when I write about certain women/girls (models) but everyone seems to love it when I shaft men, so I think I'll do a bit of that today, in the hope that you will give me five stars and say things in the comment section like, "Your writing skills are amazing and I'd love to have sex with you". With that hope in mind, I will tell you the truth about men. Men don't really mind if they are insulted as long as what is said is true. We pretty much will accept derogatory comments that are accurate, shrug our shoulders and say "Oh well" and go back to pretending that we get offered... Read More

People living outside of the U.S. (outside of California - heck, outside of L.A.) may have certain preconceived notions about the City of Angels and its residents (Bay Watch and 90210 helped in forming those notions, and now we have shows like The Hills and MTV Cribs to thank). But we Angelenos know what kinds of people live here: um, actors, models, musicians... Clearly, L.A. is a wellspring of "creative types," and creativity has to do with everything from making the perfect hamburger, to teaching linguistics, to sign-spinning on the corner of Hollywood and Highland. With this series of... Read More

Guys are simple. We're visual. We're limbic. We're open about it. When we see a pretty girl, we will likely stare too long. Tight jeans, short skirts and hoochie tops (yes, we know what those are) will get our attention. The right perfume will keep us from focusing. When someone asks us what we like in a woman, we'll respond with a physical description so complete that a police artist could come up with a composite. (I've tried this three separate times and now have a funny little collage of Pamela Anderson sketches to show for it.) It's only when we get that disapproving stare that we make... Read More

By Kat

OK--2 Fridays ago was the Oakland Art Murmur and the man that I love to bump called to tell me he would be bringing a young thing to one of the galleries. Also she was French. I'm 50 so...jeeze. I had that little feeling. And it wasn't like THAT, he said. Nothing was going "on". But it still hurt my feelings, you know how it is. Also, how was she feeling? I remember when I was 22. I really do. So I thought about it all. Which is worse? Being me--Knowing some things about the way it feels when your man's mind is wandering--You know--I've been loved. Loved people. I can just play at love... Read More

Dating is supposed to be fun, but planning a unique and memorable experience can be challenging and even stressful -- which could leave you stuck in the old dinner-and-a-movie rut. Whether you're in the first date jitters stage, the comfortably married club, or somewhere in between, when planning a date, keep your eye on the prize: the F-word. Fun is the universal component of any and every great date. If you're still hanging on to that dinner and a movie, a movie and dinner routine, here's a newsflash: it's old. Time to start thinking outside the box. Easier said than done, I know, (otherwise... Read More

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