Thursday, February 21, 2019

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Alcohol is a truth serum. When people get drunk the truth comes out— whether you want it or not…. But every time someone says this I bite my tongue. No matter how true the statement may be, it always seems incomplete. It begs for a "yeah, but… (insert catch here)". But frustratingly, while the catch seems obvious, I've never been able to capture it in words.

So last Friday night, finding myself with nothing to do and beer in the fridge, I figured the time had come. It was time to capture the catch. The following, polished in sobriety, is what I came up with:

When people get drunk... Read More

Sixty Reasons why Older Women make the best Friends, Lovers and Mates for Younger Men and Mature Men who can appreciate their qualities and skills

They are mature and ripe like fine wine, and are at the peak of their life, which is rich in experience and living and loving They are experienced in many areas of life, including sex They don’t have periods and make messes in beds and the bathroom, and they don’t have moods and depressive states They don’t use a whole roll of toilet paper each time they use the toilet, and I have no idea why young women use heaps of paper, but they do They... Read More

Man’s Search for the Ultimate Aphrodisiac

Throughout the generations Man has always been on the search for that ultimate Aphrodisiac that gives that ultimate enhanced performance. Whether it is for the one evening, or with constant and regular use, improved and improving performance capabilities, the search for the miracle potion or notion continues.

The search has been greater in China, Korea, Japan and India, where the smaller physique, has led to the concept that personal attributes would also be smaller, so the necessity for stamina and enhanced performance is necessary for... Read More

Because I am a writer, many of my friends ask me all the time to write their online profiles to post on dating web sites. I always feel like it’s a big commitment -- kind of like writing someone’s resume or biography. There’s a lot at stake and the pressure to write something really good about someone can be very exhausting, because many of my friends are highly dysfunctional.

How do you effectively describe the essence of a human being in just a few paragraphs? Without lying or opening yourself up to a civil suit?

I must admit, I have gotten pretty adept at it over the years.... Read More

Have you ever noticed when a relationship is ending and one person says "I need more space" the amount of space they are referring to is the exact height, weight, and depth as you? Relationships are treacherous waters to navigate and everyone has advice and opinions on how to go about them.

Do you trust your best friend whose only lasting commitment has been to a pair of Manolo Blahnik pumps that went out of style in 1999 but she still wears them for sentimental reasons? Or do you listen to your brother who is a serial monogamist with 3 divorces to his CV? Do you trust your parents... Read More

My teeth were chattering from the icy cold, yet greeting me on this frigid December eve was a 58 year-old Jewish man, richly tanned, wearing a tie-died t-shirt with a large peace symbol on the front. He seemed to have recently returned from a Grateful Dead concert in the Bahamas. David - pronounced dah-veed - had a room for rent in his apartment in midtown Manhattan. I was there to check it out.

We shook hands and I entered his apartment. He immediately announced: “Excuse me while I kiss a girl,” then bounded off to an adjacent room. The object of his affections seemed to be a 20-something... Read More

Let's talk about love and pain. Everywhere I go the young generation speak openly to me about how "Love is Pain" and about how being "in love" is strangely connected to experiencing or going through some kind of hurt. Geez! Where do our children get this stuff? There was even a song out where one of the lyrics stated undoubtedly that love IS pain. What unspoken communication is our new generation ingesting? How do they perceive people in terms of how we connect or disconnect interpersonally? Which lyrics do they identify with as "legit" when belted out by rappers? Is it safe to assume that... Read More

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