Friday, February 15, 2019

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So there I am last Friday evening, sprawled out in bed with an old "Fuck-Buddy" and as she's bouncing up and down atop my frail naked body, and she's all sweaty and loud and gyrating and executing all mechanics that make up intercourse and I'm lying there thinking to myself - what's the big deal? Seriously?

Now this may apply to the fellas a little more than the gals, but it seems to me that we as a race devote an awful lot of money, time, energy, and emotion into this one basic/primal act. I simply wonder, is it really worth all of this trouble? I mean, what's the big deal anyway?... Read More

The Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden recently released a study which compared gene expression in heterosexual men and the effect on monogamy. The gene R33-334 can have several genetic expressions or alleles. The possible allele 334 expressions are none, one, or two copies. What makes this gene interesting is the role in the brain-based hormone vasopression, which is notable for its impact on bonding.

Female partners reported higher satisfaction levels in relationships where the allele was absent, or none. While the presence of one allele created an increased chance of marital... Read More

Pick up lines, all of us have heard them at one time or another. Sometimes they cause us to laugh, to smile or to roll our eyes ever so politely, or not. A good pick up line can make a person feel desirable no matter their age but if bad, absolutely disgusted. We can either be left feeling elated by a pick up line or left feeling like a used car salesmen just slimed our aura. Pick up lines are twisted charm in disguise used as a method of seduction, for better or for worse. What ever happened to the direct approach, like buying someone a drink, or sending a bottle of wine to a table, to later... Read More

Love; the meanings are endless, often misunderstood, and often taken for lust, hatred, or even revenge. I have yet to have the feeling of love, only fleeting surges I like to call love. The journey will continue; a young, rejuvenated journey that will be with me until the end of my days.

I start with someone I have been involved with for the majority of my teenage years. She is young, impressionable, yet sustained in her beliefs. As our relationship began to flutter, having it’s shares of ups and downs, I’ve began to understand what it feels like to be hurt, and in turn found psychological... Read More

There are three basic categories within the genre known as the pick-up line. Anyone who has ever tried their hand at this art form knows that certain lines can be more effective than others, depending on the location, atmosphere and attitude of the recipient.

The first type of pick-up line is the direct, no-nonsense approach. Two things can happen with this type of line. If it works, it’s because the person you’re delivering it to respects your truthfulness and sincerity. If it fails, you’re probably being punished for being unoriginal.

The second type of pick-up line is the funny... Read More

If I have to hear another one of my girlfriends ask me “Why hasn’t he called yet?” I am literally going to rip my head off so I will not have to acknowledge or comment on such a mindless matter. My first response to this question is always “Well, why did you have sex with him?” If the reason isn’t just simply “because I was horny” then I can’t go on with the conversation anymore. Do NOT have sex with someone if you have underlying motives and unrealistic expectations, it’s just not going to do you any good.

Men have sex because it feels good – simple as that. They don’t do it because... Read More

My fiancée and I were putting together a list of people to invite to our wedding, and the whole topic of friends came up. I find it interesting, because there are so many different types of friendships that we get involved in during our lives, but in the end, many of them have exactly the same characteristics. We are surprisingly inept when it comes to the process of meeting people and establishing friendships with them.

Some people don’t have any close friends and prefer keeping everybody on the periphery. Other folks stockpile friends like they would collect antiques. Others travel... Read More

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