Saturday, February 23, 2019

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"We both scraped the bottom of the barrel, didn't we?" This is what my current boyfriend said to me about 2 months into our relationship. We had both tried Yahoo Personals, and other ways to meet people, but it just didn't work for either of us.

I had used Craigslists many times. I found two apartments that way and a job. Sure I had perused the other sections of Craigslist and often wondered if meeting someone that way was feasible.

Finally I decided what the hell. My ad was no more that 3 sentence long and the responses received were surprisingly a lot. I hadn't even put my... Read More

When someone from the past pops up out of the blue unexpectedly and surprises me, I find it rather fascinating because the universe always works in mysterious ways. There must be something in the cosmic water pool lately, because an old friend who betrayed me five years ago, sent me an email recently apologizing for the way things ended our fifteen year friendship. In retrospect, it seemed like such a long time ago that the fabric of our friendship was torn when he was caught having an affair on his partner, also one of my closest friends. The situation was so messy, I was forced into a position... Read More

I have been talking with this young lady that has been in a relationship with this man for five years. She is 22 and he is 25 their is a child involved that is 5 years of age but the guy is not the father. The biological father died when the child was 1 years of age. This woman is head over heels in love with this man and wants to be with him forever. They recently have been separated for 6 months but have been getting back together off and on. The guy continues to cheat and be with other women that aren't about anything and on welfare. The first lady however is doing well for herself. She... Read More

The lure of notariety, the lure of attention getting. Infamous is just as memorable as famous. The power to piss of people and get joy from being mean and crude. We all have seen the destuctiveness of certain people and their mean and hatefull words.

I decided to look into why some people are so rude and hatefull. I figured his rude and hatefull behavior is a cry for help and attention. I figured they had a difficult childhood lacking attention and praise from anyone in his or her surroundings. At home at school, at work and in social situations, I imagine them a lonely, unatractive,... Read More

Over the summer my wife and I got sucked in to a new television series on CBS called Swingtown. The first season of the show is set during the summer of the United States bicentennial. Besides being a pretty decent show full of nostalgia, it was also a glimpse into a possible solution for a major problem in the bowels of marital relations.

I cannot open up a paper these days without reading an advice column on how to deal with a man or woman's infidelity. I cannot look into a magazine without seeing how one celebrity cheated on another. I cannot talk to my friends without hearing... Read More

I am quickly approaching middleage as a single woman.

My concept of oneness is a reflection of my entirety.Lately,I am quite aware how I am comforted by my own silence.I abided by charge of "gag order" in my last relationship,thus gun shy to gamble with my heart again.

In dream, I too yearn for the presence of one's hand in mine, however what will the penalty be this time. As unity compares to one's solitude,the latter seems with more appeal at this moment.

Yet I am driven by the unwavering romantic facade that has been instilled by decades of passion for a glimpse into... Read More

Finding the one is difficult. Ok impossible. But I always operated on the following commonly held assumption: that if you found Mr or Mrs right-enough, it was only a matter of time. Happiness and rainbows for all. But lately, this assumption is taking fire from an unexpected source. My trusty focus group of single female friends is indicating that a surprisingly large number of them are earnestly looking, but too stuck on an ex (often an ancient one) to be truly single. Their bodies and minds may be single, but their heart is still taken.

Making matters worse, the ex gets idealized... Read More

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