Friday, February 15, 2019

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We’ve had a long and wonderful relationship with Pink since we were kids. And we plan on nurturing that relationship as long as Pink will have us. So let’s start from the beginning.

Our love of Pink started when we opened our first pack of baseball cards. That hard stick of gum would slide out between the cards to our six year old delight. It usually took at least ten packs to find our favorite players, so that's how many sticks we would end up chewing! It was little boy bliss blowing bubbles and having them pop and stick to our faces!! As you can see, Pink was already beginning to take... Read More

My husband is a “car guy.” I didn’t really understand what that was when I married him, even after a “whirlwind romance” (his words, not mine) of almost five years. I could tell he really liked cars, and heard many stories in that time about the first Cuda he ever owned, his unofficial circle track racing around the Beltway with friends in his youth, and how former women in his life nagged him to get rid of prized vehicles (so he got rid of them instead), but it wasn’t really indicative of what I now know is a sickness.

You might call it car sickness, only it has nothing to do with motion.... Read More

So their is this girl and she met this guy online on one of those dating sites... They became good friends and decided they were going to meet. The guy called the girl up one day and told her some shocking news that he was married and the girl was like ok we can just be friends. The guy doesn't live in the same state as the girl and she figured they'd never meet. Time went on and they grew closer and closer talking on the phone everyday. Well guess what....They finally met and he came down to where she lived and stayed the weekend with her. They had a blast it was like they had knew each other... Read More

Why is it that seemingly smart, educated girls can suddenly morph into brainless, eye-lash-batting morons the second a guy winks their way? It is something I must have been lucky enough not to inherit, or drink whatever water caused it, but no matter how many friends I lose to this plague, I cannot for the life of me, wrap my head around why. Once, twice he breaks her heart and yet as soon as the tears dry she runs back for more. And he, of course, feeds off of it, off of all the girls drawn to him like an insect to a Venus Flytrap. SNAP. That charming attraction doesn’t seem quite so sexy... Read More

We humans are obsessed with our losses. We save our babies’ teeth, our dearly departed’s ashes, and we videotape our future ex-lovers in mid-coitus. The wisdom of no escape seems to elude us. When faced with loss we become sentimental, afraid and greedy. Why can’t we graciously let go of the things which have pleased us? I think it’s because we believe those spaces a loved one filled will stay empty; a hollow chamber which aches like an amputated arm. We humans, with a brain wired for infinity in a physical world driven by change, are mystified and disturbed by what we will never touch again.

... Read More

Miguel had a chiseled body like a fine Greek art sculpture, with piercing aqua blue eyes he immediately captured your attention. Sadly, his beauty was hiding a secret, his heart was broken over a recent relationship break up. He had been romantically involved with a Latin celebrity, not 'out' to the public for three, almost four years. His break up was turning into a bad nightmare because every where he went there were reminders of his ex; on the radio, television, newspaper and even magazines. Miguel had been referred to me for coaching by mutual friends of ours, because they felt he needed... Read More

Mr. Magic's website photo evinced the brooding essence of a young alpha-male - chiseled, manly and handsome. Beneath it appeared a heart-rending autobiographical missive I recognized as a standard tool in the marketing arsenal of the modern-day dating coach.Mr. Magic described his struggles in the world of dating - so futile were his attempts, he said, and so great his despondency at one point, that suicide seemed the only recourse. He hung on, however, to devote himself full-time to mastering the ways of the pickup artist. In just two years, he dramatically turned his dating life around, to... Read More

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