Saturday, February 23, 2019

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Well I know better than to think that you love me

And I know better than to think that you’re thinking of me

Is it possible to believe that you ever loved me?

When all you ever did was contemplate what infidelity could be

Now your tasting all your words when you thought he’d be better than me

You see I understand the love you never had for me

Now you think it’s right to call me at three

After all you did tonight in your drunken spree

Save all your words for someone else, they don’t mean shit to me

Leave it as it is, its best to... Read More

I'm in love with a mysteryAll tied up in his own historyA puzzle left unsolvedYet I'm so heavily involved

Magical in your very existenceYou weaken my resistanceTake me to a higher levelFree my soul from all this evil

You are truly amazingYou make my heart singBut what is very confusingIs that you're unsure of anything

Be my muse, my inspirationBe my flame and feed my passion

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Interestingly at this prime age of my redeeming youth (any body wondering) I am sharing with you my accidental wandering into the work of great scholars like Freud, Ellis. Kraft Ebbing and Paul Robinsons etc. They covered exhaustively the psychosexual phenomenon that includes the following:

Erotic dreams Day time fantasies Narcissism Theory of tumescence Love and courtship Sadism Masochism Fetishism Exhibitionism Bestiality Transvestism

The salacious books, prostitution and forms of mental or physical licentiousness are also the subject they covered extensively.

Certain... Read More

In the film, Butterfield 8 (1960), there is a tense moment when Elizabeth Taylor who portrays Gloria Wandrous shouts in a confrontational outburst with her mother. “Mama, face it, I’m the slut of all time.” A moment of clarity from a woman who was judged “loose,” or perhaps it reflected one persons attempt to live a passionate life without the constraints of guilt.

Many scientists question whether the guarantee of confidentiality and anonymity are enough to get people to answer inquiries about sex, honestly. Usually, the most unconventional of fantasies, the thoughts that flirt... Read More

We're about four days in to the voyage on the Queen Mary 2, a two thousand customer floating resort. I have a congenial table assignment for dinner, but more freedom to graze the rest of the day.

There’s usually no shortage of company for breakfast or lunch, and there’s always the optional madness of the random seating assignment at a shared table, but once or twice I’ve asked for a window seat and a table to myself.I might catch up with some reading, but mostly I find my thoughts drifting and occasionally focus on the chair opposite and wonder who, in my ideal world, might fill it.... Read More

Marriage. Commitment. Monogamy. Long-term relationship. For some, these words might be swoon-worthy, tapping into deep longings, bringing forth wistful sighs. For others, these words bring forth shudders, slight nausea, along with an instantaneous urge to text that hottie from the club last night-"You can't take me alive!"...words to live by. For those of us in long-term relationships, those words probably elicit a spectrum of responses. When everything is going well in Marriage-Commitment-Monogamy Land, we might feel a deep sense of contentment. We gaze at our partner feeling blessed... Read More

Three things happened recently to make me think about (my and others’) gay life.

Ken Clarke the Justice Secretary, who I’m convinced moonlights as the Churchill Insurance dog barked some stuff in parliament about thinking there ought to be different categories of rape – but seemed ignorant of the fact this crime can and does happen to men. The London Gay Men's Chorus, to which I belong, recently performed a concert in aid of the male rape crisis charity, Survivors UK.

On the excellent author Paul Burston’s facebook page, there’s been massive debate about how ‘barebacking’ (unprotected... Read More

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